Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonight, Tonight, Won't Be Just Any Night!

Tonight is Very Josie Poker!

Here's what's happening in the world of Very Josie Poker:

Guess which hot chick will probably be playing tonight? No, I don't mean me....I'm talking about the GORGEOUS Poker Girl in Vegas, Carmen Sincity! Woo hoo! She said "she'll try very hard to play". I figure that's a 75% probability! Most likely even better than that. I told her how DB Cooper says that "Poker is a man's game" so she's down with be representing us chicks. :)

Speaking of DB Cooper, has anyone noticed that he gives me only one line, no make that THE VERY LAST LINE of his post. Dontcha worry though, because tomorrow Coop will be writing AN ENTIRE POST about how I kicked his fact, that's what the post will be called! :)

Our very own Jew Boy was practicing up for tonight's game and came in first in a (45) person tourney! Watch out - Jew Boy's on Fiyah! (his word, not mine)

I work with this kid, Adam, who'll also be playing with us tonight. I fucking annihilated him last year in football - actually I won the whole league, but Adam and I had LOTS of side bets that I won. We'll see if he can win a little of that money back tonight. I don't know why, but I have a feeling alot of people will be gunning for me tonight....and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

In the office I'm crazy busy. I'm going through a sales & use tax audit, plus it's almost the end of our fiscal year so I have our own auditors here too. I was trying to talk Mr. Tax Man into removing some charges from his very long list (felt like another game of poker to tell you the truth). Some things we agreed on and some things we did not. Now you don't know this if you haven't played with me LIVE, but I have a tendency to hit (yes hit) players that wrong me.....and guess what I did to Mr. Tax Man? Smacked him in the spot Jew Boy says is now callused over!

As soon as I swung (LOL) I thought "ut oh", but it worked! He started laughing and said "okay, I'll give you this one".

Funny enough, men don't mind getting smacked around! If anything it endears me to them, with the exception of one guy....a dealer. A little advice from Auntie Josie - don't hit the dealers when you're in a poker room. The dealer looked shocked, although I didn't hit him that hard. He said "I'll call the floor if you put your hands on me again." As that hand knocked me out of the tourney, odds were pretty good I wouldn't be putting "my hands on him again". Sheesh.

Okay - Memphis and Coop - take your vitamins because tonight separates the women from the nitty old men. :)

Private Tournament name: Very Josie Poker
Password: pokerbaby
Tonight at 9:00pm
Double stack with a knockout
Entry fee $10+1

Play smart,



dbcooper said...

I see we have 8 registered already for the tournament tonight..... Should be fun and profitable(hopefully). Remember dear Josie I only have to outlast you to win the bet and vice versa,,,,,, hint hint everybody knock out Josie!!! ha Ha... Good luck tonite.........

Josie said...

Yeah Coop, 8 already! And most people don't register early, so I think it'll be a two table.

I know what the bet is! Outlast each other - here's hoping you push all in with middle pair, like you did last night. Dear God, please let me be in the hand when Coop pulls that move.

My dear Coop - i hope you know the only reason this tourney even exists is so I can kick your butt. I never even entertained thoughts of having a private bloggers tournament prior, so thank you. I'm having alot of fun with it. Only thing better would be to kick your butt in Vegas - baby steps though.

Gary said...

If I could interrupt this weird little love-fest, let's not forget that I will also be a part of this game, and I am, as Josie already pointed out, on FIYAH. I'm putting my money and my trash-talk on ME.

Seriously, best of luck to everybody tonight - Coop, looking forward to meeting you and playing with you.

dbcooper said...

Ahhhhh the old middle pair pushin... Hmm will I try that tonite?? We will see.

You never know what us old guys are up to..... I will keep you on your best game tonight.....Remember its only 6PM out on the west coast so I will be wide awake. I won't even need any geritol

dbcooper said...

Good luck tonite Gary (aka Jew Boy). Remember knock out Josie and we will be friends for life. Heck I don''t even care if I win just gotta out last her Ha Ha

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm playing too, unless my nap lasts too long or I forget to sign up.

When you bet old, the first thing to go is, um, erm, I don't remember.

Josie said...

Gary's jealous! He usually gets the lion's share of my taunts.

@Coop, Yeah it's 6pm your time, but I was in bed BEFORE 9pm last night - makes me fresh as a daisy.

@memphis, you better play! Otherwise I'll have a grudge against you that lasts about 10,000,000 years. I know you said you were busy THURSDAY night - but not tonight!

And for the record I CANNOT wait to play wtih you guys!

Josie said...

DB & Memphis, I feel kinda bad because I most likely set you up for failure. You're like the thousands of other guys I've played with - all I have to do is flirt a little and play smart - two things I do quite well, and you'll be helpless. Like taking candy from an old guy. :) lol

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. I think flirting works best in person where you can take advantage of your *cough* assets. Good luck tonight. Let me know when the next one is and I will be sure to show up.

Gary said...

Jealous? Moi?

God help me, I think I am. ;)