Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cuz EVERYBODY'S doing it!

Don't forget to join me tomorrow night for VERY JOSIE POKER. It's under Private Tournaments on Full Tilt.

Below is more information:

Tournament Name: Very Josie Poker
Password: Pokerbaby
Buy-in: $10+1....$8 to prize, and $2 knockout
This Wednesday, April 14, 2010
at 9:00pm ET
Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
Tournament #151614945 (04.14.10 21:00 ET)

After you click on Tournaments, click on Private to find it. If you have any trouble locating it, email me at veryjosie@aim.com.

If it's half as fun as it was last week, you're in for a treat!

If you've been reading along, you know that I've been on a cleansing/detox diet that has made me a royal bitch, and one of the things I've been denied is alcohol. NO BOOZE. :(

Well I deserve a treat, don't I? I'm going to be drinking my way through tomorrow night's tourney! I don't want to get too trashed too soon (it doesn't take much with me), so I'll play my very own drinking game.....

One drink every 30 minutes with an EXTRA drink whenever anyone gets knocked out. Even if I lose, I'm sure to have a great time.

Please let me apologize NOW for my drunken behavior. It's gonna be fun!

Also, after this tourney, I'll be having them on the first Wednesday of every month....I'll post a schedule of dates in the next few days.

Hmmm I don't have time now - but maybe tonight I'll tell you about the last time I got shitfaced at the office christmas party - my face is burning red just thinking about it.

TOMORROW NIGHT - Very Josie Poker

Play smart,



SirFWALGMan said...

I can not wait to hear this story..

Josie said...

It was BAD and involved the owner of the firm. :(

Memphis MOJO said...

I can't wait either. Heheh. Can you give us a hint -- was it REAL bad?

Josie said...

Yup - 2 years later, people are still talking about it.

Most people here are architects (not me) so they're very artistic.

Next day there was a giant handmade lampshade waiting for me on my desk, with a note that it was the only thing I was missing!

dbcooper said...

Geez Josie getting sloshed. Too bad you don't have the webcam up I would love to see this...Hangover city for you on Thursday. Oh I am doing my best to try and make it on Wednesday but I have to shuffle a couple things around so hopefully I will be there in time. If I don't make it I will railbird

Josie said...

@coop - Nope, I don't have a webcam, which is just as well. I make bad decisions when alcohol is involved....I do have a camera though....

warning -
drunk josie does not = pretty josie

OES said...

oh dear gaaad. If I played online during the school year, it would be my pleasure to knock you out.

Josie said...

@OES - what'll happen if you play on a school night - do you get grounded? No tv for a week? LOL

Once you graduate 8th grade, come on and play with us!

And where the hell have you been?

Josie said...

ever see that seinfeld episode, when elaine finds out the video store guy is actually 16 and his mom yells at elaine?

Well I think OES is 13!

The Poker Meister said...

Man you are harsh! I'll be there to try to take this sucker down. Are you going to get the payout structure fixed or are you keeping it as top 3 pay?

I look forward to knocking you out again, letting you "suckout" on me with your top pair, no kicker vs. my flopped set :-). The truth hurts, don't it :-).

Josie said...

@Jew Boy II - I am NOT harsh...you know what's harsh? The fact that you STILL have not added me to your blog roll - no love for very josie :(

Soooooo if I last longer than you - you add me to your blog roll, capisce? You're so awesome I'd never last longer than you anyway.

I contacted full tilt and they said it was set up correctly! If we had 18 players or more there would be more pay outs.

THAT truth hurts very much - driving me to drink is what you're doing. Poor little me - how do you sleep at night?

Josie said...

Oh and Poker Meister - I just gave you the finger!

Josie said...

Hey Waffles - you too! Show me some love and add me to your blog roll. You better do this before I take your ass out of the game. You may not want to do it afterwards!

dbcooper said...

Josie you are losing it re post on my blog. First you forget I am Canadian then you tell me the tournament is tonight..... Are you sloshed already or something??? ha ha

Josie said...

Oh, I wasn't talking about poker on your blog - you've misunderstood because of your advanced age. :)

Josie said...

Did I say ANYTHING about poker coop? :)

dbcooper said...

ha ha ha. Oh and the answer is yes!!!

Josie said...

I'm just being fresh.