Friday, April 2, 2010

(un)Grumpy Old Men

Since January I've been daydreaming about hitting Vegas in June for some serious poker playing. I feel that if I play in maybe three tournaments odds are pretty good that I'll cash in at least one.

It's still a day dream because I don't have enough disposable cash to fund the trip, 3 buyins and stuff.....but you never know.

Today I'm reading Coop's blog (I really think Coop plays similarly to me) and I see that not only is HE playing in a WSOP event in June, but Memphis Mojo is playing in the same one too! Event #34 baby, on June 18th!

These guys are living my dream!

So of course, I decide that I AM GOING TO PLAY THAT SAME GODDAM TOURNAMENT. As an added bonus I'll get to meet/talk to two guys who really have a grasp of the game - then I'll do better in the tournament than them...and of course I'll win it. Perfect, right?


I do my google search on Event #34 - I've gotta see what the buy-in is so I can do some turbo winning to fund my entry. But alas, it's not to be.

I'm too frigging young to play in that event! How many times does a 43 year old woman get to type that line! Hardly Never!

For example, I work about 2 minutes away from The Garden and a few weeks ago some gals from work and I went to a game. Before the game we headed to the sports bar across the street to start the night off right. As it was game night there was a long line on the side walk to get in. We're waiting in line and the door guy is checking EVERY ID, including a few older men....certainly older than me, but I guess they're carding everyone.

I'm the oldest in my group. The gals from work range from mid-twenties to early thirties, but I don't FEEL older. And in my mind, I don't LOOK alot older. I think I'd pass for mid thirties (in the right lighting).

Anway, as he's carding everyone, as we get closer to the front I go to get my ID out and the door guy says and I quote "Oh Sweetie, don't bother. I don't have to card YOU. Everyone else get'm out."

Yup. He's gotta card the men that are 50's looking, but me, I'm all set. :(

I couldn't be looking THAT old, because I managed to get on the Jumbotron during the game, and as a few of my guy friends suggested, No, it wasn't old lady night.

But back to my poker story.....

It's a senior's event! Turns out Coop and Memphis are nitty, old men. Makes me wish I was one too. :(

Just you guys wait!



dbcooper said...

Its a good thing they won't let you play our event. Geez Josie you wear one of those low cut tops and a few older guys pacemakers might stop working. I can imagine the scene ambulance techs running in and Josie scooping all the old guys chips as they keel over. Make for a great movie. As for the events if you look on the next day event # 36 is a 1000.00 buy in NLHM event too . Just for the younguns like you!!!

Josie said...

Coop, you crack me up!

Event 36....hmmm.....but I wanna play with you guys!

dbcooper said...

Nitty old man eh>>>>>>>> HMMMMM . Just might have to post a pic of me on my blog to show you that I am not that old Yet!!

evpjm said...

I hear you about the Carding thing. Once in a blue moon I will still get carded. I have a year on you and still have all my teeth, full head of hair and not really graying(maybe a few strands hear and there)and usually get right past. Also, I guess your talking about the Boston Garden? Not to be confused with the The Real Garden MSG in NYC !!!!!! :-) (there I go again I just set her off)....Remember I'm still within my week. On to Poker. I've been out to Vegas more times then I care to count but never entered a WSOP event. I did however get into my share of casino tourny's that I really like. There is Lot's of poker action around that time in addition to the WSOP events. Problem is the play is crazy. Your almost sure to take a bad beat by a chaser who is not worried about the money he laid down for the buy in.

Josie said...

@coop - post a pic! Prove it! Because now I'm assuming you look lke the guy that peddles the oatmeal...what's his name...Wilford Brimley? hee hee!

@my dear evp...yes I meant the Boston Garden, and we went to see The Bruins, was against the Canadiens...I swear those fans are WORSE than sox fans when the yankees are in town, and that's saying something! Too much fighting!
re: poker, the original plan was Bellagio deep stack events in June....we'll see. I think June in Vegas will be perfect for sun worshipping too!

dbcooper said...

Done Josie. At least you will have a pic of me to throw darts at after I take your money.

Josie said...

Damn, I knew you'd have a runner's build! Nice pics, nice tan, nice everything...which makes me wonder how old you are. You look my age! How old do you have to be to play in the old geezer's tourney anyway? (don't i have a lovely way with words)

And there is no way I'll allow you to beat me so I'll have to use your pic for something else...hmmm...maybe for the same thing I use my Yankees toilet paper for. LOLLLLL totally kidding. (please excuse my nastiness, still on the cleanse diet that will NEVER get me as thin as you)

dbcooper said...

Made the deposit. Getting ready to watch my account grow with some Josie money that I win...... ha ha. what time on wednesday???

Memphis MOJO said...

You have to be 50 to play with the geezers.

Josie said...

Coop, I'll be toying with you like my kitty does when she gets a mouse. You know what happens to the mouse when she's done playing with it? It's out of the tournament!

And then you can read all about it the next you were beaten by a girl.

Side bet? If you're out before me you have to write a post that is entitled: Very Josie Kicked My Butt. If you think you're gonna take Josie money, no reason not to agree to the side bet right? :)

9pm eastern standard time - more info to come!

Memphis MOJO said...

Is the tournament Wed or Thurs?

Josie said...

Memphis, It's Wednesday night at
9pm et. Make sure you nap before hand. :)

dbcooper said...

Josie you are on!!!! Side bet it is!!!

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. Beat his nitty old man ass. ;).