Friday, April 23, 2010

Rants by Josie

What's this?  Two posts in one morning?  Why it's unheard of, but here it is.  I have to vent about the assholes I surround myself with and what better forum than this!

Let's back track to Wednesday.  Wednesday I get called a "man" (among other things) but things get resolved and I'm back to my happy clam status.  Jew Boy wrote a nice comment sexual orientation I suppose, showing he's got my back. 

Well Wed night is my home game.  Game starts at 7:30pm and Jew Boy's there....and guess what he does?  CALLS ME A DUDE ALL NIGHT LONG.  I can't even remember the comments.  Maybe I blocked them out....they all boiled down to one thing....I have a dick.  Sheesh, with friends like that....

*Editor's Note:  Don't forget that I promised to be nice to him for an entire week.  So I couldn't even respond as I would have liked.

Let's see what else?

I had yesterday off for the first time in a long time.  My boss, who's a little too clingy, wrote me an email at 10am yesterday morning. You can see it below:

Good morning my dear Josie,

Please accept my apology for not wishing you a Happy Administrative Professionals day yesterday. Thanks for everything you do for me, personally and professionally. I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Let's do lunch. Have wonderful longgggggg weekend.

For the record, I am NOT an adminstrative professional, which is a secretary! If I were one, I'd be happy to be called one BUT I'M NOT.  WTF!  Now it seems I have to have lunch with him....which suits him, not me.  He'll insist on taking me to lunch every couple of months, and yes it's always a nice free meal but I have to spend it with him.  Just him and me.  No thank you.  I'd rather eat my salad with my friends during my hour off.  And he gets a free lunch too.  I reimburse him for the whole thing.  Obviously all work related lunches are expensed.

Let's see what else?  After that I notice Coop playing a 9 person on Full Tilt.  I leave him a comment telling him I want to play at a table with him if he's got time cuz I've got a score to settle (I want my 5 bucks back)   and sure he does!  So as soon as we're at the table I send him a message like this "We're playing for my 5 bucks, I want it back."

And he says "Nope".  WTF!

I say "Why do you think I wanted to play in a one table with you?  To win my money back!"

And he's like "Noooooo I'm keeping your money.  I'm too old and decrepid to work, so that 5 bucks has to last until the canadian government sends me my monthly stipend of $9."  (maybe he didn't say EXACTLY that but it boiled down to the same thing)  No bet.

And then COOP IS OUT FIRST. And of course I WIN THE WHOLE SHEBANG.  First place baby, but no bet.

And you wonder why I got so upset being called a dude.  Just look at those 3 fine examples!

Play smart Bitches!



dbcooper said...

You forgot to mention a minor point . I won the tournament you watched and that was tough with you distracting me. Hey I was out second in that one you won (she leaves out the fact I had QQ and some guy had JJ and got his J on the turn). Of course she also leaves out the fact that the Canadian buck is higher than the American one. Nope Josie money is staying right where it should.

Josie said...

I didn't forget ANYTHING. I chose to tell the important parts of the story.

The only way your actions are SOMEWHAT forgivable is this: Maybe you thought you were being chivalrous, not wanting to take any more of my money...maybe you thought it was easy money and you were being nice in declining the bet. Maybe. In fact I have that reason at 48/52%.

dbcooper said...

I was worried if I took the side bet you might have to take a second job to pay off your poker bets. So I was being a really nice Canadian boy.

fmarra17 said...

The next time you are going to get together and play on full tilt drop me a line and I can join you. I can give you my number so you could send me a text.

Josie said...

Frankie that would be awesome. Email it to me so crazy people like coop don't start calling you. :P

I think we'd have Gary in the game too. I dunno when though, but we'll figure it out.

*FYI - Frankie is my sleeper pick to win the next very josie....but subject to change when all players are registered.

Josie said...

Coop, I don't think you've been a "boy" for about 72 years. :P

If you were nice, I'd have my 5 bucks now.

Josie said...

Hmmm....should I actually give Frankie my cell phone number?

Does anyone know if he's a serial killer????

He seems nice, very young and harmless but I dunno......

I'm like the opinion of a 3rd person...

fmarra17 said...

The doctors say I'm getting better..I haven't killed in months now. Wow I'm 38 it is so nice to hear someone say I'm so "young".

evpjm said...


You make it sound like the Canadian buck is miles ahead of the US Dollar. I believe the conversion rate is 0.997208. Pretty Much Dollar for Dollar in my book. And Remember where the leader of the Free World Resides......USA......... So Pretty Much everyone know's "THE BUCK STOPS HERE"

Josie said...

Ahhhh EVP, the voice of reason! Truth be told, no one will even take canadian coins in mass....if you get one you're out of luck...maybe I should ship mine to coop.

So EVP, my voice of frankie my cell phone number...whaddaya think?

dbcooper said...

Hey be nice to us Canadians... Schaubs is one too. Gee Josie giving your number to young guys now..... I dunno.

Leader of the free world?? Oh you mean Michael Moore now I get you.. ha ha

evpjm said...

If you feel like you have to ask the question, I wouldn't. No offense to Frankie or anyone else, but I think you should keep this world and your personal world seperate. If at some point you get a comfort level then why not. But as I said, if you are asking the question then your not totally comfortable.

Josie said...

EVP, you're good. I christen you my consigliere....everything goes through you. lol

You make a good point, but it's just to hook up a game, which I think would be fun. I dunno. I'll give him Gary's number! LOL

Schaubs said...

I just wrote an epic response to your latest post (#3 of the day).

are you ignoring it?


Josie said...

Schauby, I wouldn't ignore you!