Monday, April 19, 2010

Very Josie Poker - Looking for Input

Very Josie Poker, the hottest blogger tournament since The Mookie, is the game you should be playing. 

For now Very Josie Poker is going to be a monthly tournament, which I propose to be the first Wednesday of every month. Wednesdays starting at 9:00pm ET.

But I want to hear from you!  What day and what time works best for you?  The more fishies  experienced poker players, the better.

Please comment and tell me when you can make it.  Majority rules!  This is a by a queen, you know.  ;)

I will tally the votes and post the final Very Josie Poker schedule.

Have you played my little tourney yet?  If not, just try it once and you'll be back.  All I do is chat and's easy money for the taking.

Full disclosure - The drinking was an experiment that failed .  Do not expect it to happen again.....unless I lose a bet.  :)

Happy Patriots Day my friends!  There's a little race being run not to far from my office....there's also a ball game going on too, but those damn Red Sox are trying my patience and I will NOT be commenting about THEM.

Play smart (unlike the sox).



evpjm said...

Since I didn't go through all the comments over the weekend I'm not sure if someone else said this but your post about being in trouble before the start of that tournament I felt killed you right there. You know that winning has alot to do about attitude. Your normal attitude going into that club is having no fear but this time there was a game changer. If I had Money down on you to win the whole thing before that Post, I would have pulled it after I read that Post. So it was no surprise that as I continued to read that you were done early. Not because you played poorly in those hands as much as maybe a mental note that you needed to build up your stack to face the better players later. If they were not there, you most likley fold that queen high flush and rely on your play to fight another battle. Just my observation.....I think you should add something to your little sign off. It should read "play smart and confident"

Josie said...

Jeez EVP, No. No one else said that but aren't you a smart one!

I think you're right.

Usually I'm super confident, especially at that game...and when I heard dave (another vp) was playing I got worried. And yeah, now that you mention it, my play reflected that. DAMMIT.

I shouldn't have been scared. Yes he's a real player (unless most of the others) but although I hadn't tangled with him in about 8 months it's not like he's taken me out of many tourneys....The reverse is actually true. Funny thing is he stayed out of every pot I bet in. He, like me, knew where to go fishing. I shouldn't have let it get in my head.

FYI I'm replaying the whole goddam thing in my head again....and all I come up with is your 100% right.

THANK YOU. Sometimes I'm in the eye of the storm and don't get a good look at the whole picture.

evpjm said...

No Problem. It's Clear that your a strong player especially when you know your the best there and only someone getting lucky can bring you down. Since I've been reading you usually beat up on lesser players. This is no fault of yours since you only have access to a limited amount of live games. You can only beat who's in front of you. Except for Gary who can play but you have a comfort level with him so there's no intimidation. So I think to take your game to the next level you need to play in different live games more consistently against better players. You know online dosen't count. That's a totally different world. I also know that this is easier said then done. Finding Games, Time, Money to do this is not easy unless your sitting in Vegas with Mikey. Which is basically why I read his Blog. I'm a little envious. About the Poker that is, not so much about going to BJ's to by Trail Mix and Mexican Coke. Anyway, he plays so much that his game is sharp and confident(besides dealing all the time dosen't hurt either). Sorry, Kind of long winded again. But My suggestion is to save your money that you were thinking about investing in the Vegas main event by-ins and invest that in more local (AC, Foxwoods) tournaments that are more modest but are plentiful as far as good players. Practice makes perfect they say so the more you enter and get that experience, the better more confident player you will be to a point where your more worried about you game then anyone else's.

evpjm said...

Sorry Josie,

This is what happends when I don't comment for a while :-). One more comment(I think). After MoneyMaker won the Main event, I watched an interview with him. He qualified by winning some $10 online satellite. He said that the first day the minute he got into hands with the likes of Phil Ivey or other recognizable players he folded no matter what he had. By the second day that intimidation went away and he gained a confidence level and was able to start trusting his game(which I'm not really a fan of) but the point is still solid. Trust you game and not don't worry about how others play. But I feel that takes time and experience.

dbcooper said...

Well Well well aren't you Little Miss Hyperlink now.. Ha ha

I like the time and day works for me. The only thing better is having Josie on a webcam so I can see her eyes when I take her bounty... oh the Joy.
Official Josie Poker standings
CooP 2 plus one Josie bounty
Josie 000000000000000
Kind of like the Red Sox this year.

Josie said...

@evpjm - you know mexican coke is made with cane sugar, not corn syrup! LOL I LOVE Mikey's blog's like getting an insider's view of vegas.

As far as AC & Foxwoods - I think you might be right about that too....but it'd be foxwoods, which is closer and does have some decent poker tourneys.

Thanks for coming back to commenting - your insights are eye opening.

Josie said...

Coop, you're going to have to WIN a web cam you can look at my EYES (which are, in fact, remarkable).

As far as your last line about the red will pay. I'm keeping track!

Josie said...

And coop - I don't like how you're keeping track either!!!!! In fact I am INFURIATED! ;)

dbcooper said...

Of course I would be looking at your.................. um eyes.

Josie said...

Coop - those first two games don't count! I was hostessing! Plus you mislead me - I'd go so far as to call you a little dishonest - so I didn't know my competition.

So there!

dbcooper said...

Infuriated?? Dishonest?? Holy cow those are 4 and 3 syllable words.HMMMM can hardly wait for Wednesday night................... Have I got you on tilt yet?? I am working on it. These are high stakes Josie..... Bragging rights. Have you got the same bet with Gary???

Josie said...

Mr. Cooper Pooper,

1.) No, I do NOT have any bets with Gary.

2.) I actually believed you when you said "oh i don't play online for money - just for play money.....and then you go and place 4th & 3rd in my tourneys....all BS!!!

3.) No, I'm not on tilt.

4.) Yes I will kick your ass on wednesday

5.) let's review the side bet - it's 5 bucks! and I'll be the recipient - now that I know who I'm playing against! Oh and there WILL be bragging!

6.)Any questions? :)

Josie said...

Yeah, I AM steaming!

dbcooper said...

1. Gary needs to get some action too. Maybe I better rephrase that.
2. I never played for money on Fulltilt before your tourney. I did on PS though but all money I won in a freeroll I never made a deposit
3. You are cute when on Tilt or steaming OR
4. That remains to be seen
5. Yep 5 bucks. Do I get to keep bragging too?
6. No Questions but I do have a sore side from laughing so much.
7. See I had to one up you. Can't let you have the upper hand.

Josie said...

1. You can give gary his action...and I'd probably pay to see that.
2. You suck
3. Very true, but that doesn't get you out of the heap o' trouble you are in!
4. Nope - it's a done deal
5. If you win, you brag!
6. You're going to be somewhere else, besides your side.
7. You suck
8. Why am I smiling so much if I'm mad?????

Bayne_S said...

West Coast engineer workday is ~10-7

My legendary ability to play poker from work has ended

fmarra17 said...

The 1st Wednesday of the Month sounds good to me, looking forward to it.

Josie said...

Alright Frankie!!!

Bayne, I dunno if I can start THAT late...I gotta work in the morning myself...this is gonna be an issue.

Cricket said...

Agree with e, 111%

Josie said...

evp - If my sista agrees with you, you must be right.

evpjm said...

I knew there was something about your sister I really liked.

Wolfshead said...

Gimped up, washed up, cip wasting donk here so any time is probably good. Former employer threw me out like yesterday's newspaper so don't have to worry about showing up there anymore, plenty of time for poker. Have to try this game, juat let me know whwn you do decide.

Josie said...

Hello Again Wolfie! I'm thrilled you'll be playing and trust me, I won't through you away like yesterday's paper. I'm super nice, although some of these comments may not reflect's coop's fault!

BTW I like your blog!

Lucki Duck said...

Wednesdays at 9 is one of the few times I can play. My vote is to keep it where it is. Thanks for hosting!


Josie said...

Lucky Ducky, I think you're in the lucky duck!

I guess I'll have to be competing with the mookie!

lightning36 said...

Re: Dec blogger gathering ...

My guess is that the tournament will be Dec 11. Some of the old A-Listers will set it up. People try to arrive on Thurday for the unofficial weekend opening (usually at the Geisha Bar at Imperial Palace). Friday night -- mixed games at MGM. Sunday -- maybe another suite reserved at a primo sportbook?

There are other things that go on as well. It is a great way to meet fellow bloggers.

Details will probably start appearing later in the fall.

Josie said...

Lightbulb - that sounds very cool and a heck of alot of fun - thanks for the info! Thank you.

You are going to be lucky enough to meet Very Josie!