Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Better Now!

Boy was I upset this morning, but I'm all better now.  The guy who wrote the untrue stuff about me sent me a really nice honest email and we're cool. 

He said he reconsidered all the stuff he said about me and apologized for jumping to conclusions. What more could I ask?  Takes a decent guy to say that after the nasty insults I hurled at him at Waffles blog.

So we are VERY cool and he says he'll even play Very Josie!!!  You can bet I'll be on my best least for the first 10 minutes!

Oh, and he's from NY.  No, I didn't ask him if he was a Yankee fan, but I think we can assume he is.

Coop!!! Time to wake up from your nap!!!!  My goal tonight isn't to outlast Coop, it's to take down The Mookie.   Nothing less will do.  God help whoever's in my way.  Please feel free to watch but I won't be as chatty as usual.

Play Smart and Confident, LIKE ME.


1 comment:

dbcooper said...

Hey it was a nice nap. Bring your best game tonight you are going to need it (me too)