Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Betting it all on Schaubs and hanging by a thread

Yesterday I worked an 11 hr day.  If you add the commute, well it just gets sad. No rest for the wicked.  Of course I did have last Thursday and Friday off, but that seems like such a distant memory now. 

Today is sure to be more of the same.  I've got too much to do and not enough time to do it in, but goddamn it I'm going to try.  I have some of my financials done and a management meeting at 8:30 where I have to explain that we've lost money again. 

I'm writing this at about 4am.

My plan is to go in super-duper early and get everything finished right before the meeting.  I suppose I could've stayed a little longer last night but I get to a point where I just can't look at numbers with efficiency and accuracy anymore.  That's when it's time to go home.

(I'm sure I'm boring you to death with this work stuff, but if you keep reading we'll get to my bet with Schaubs)

Then after that I have a BOD (board of directors) lunch meeting at noon.  There I'll make a financial presentation, and then get kicked out so they can make their decisions in private and eat lunch.  Our fiscal year ends May 31st and that means I'm in "cash plan" mode.  If this were like years past, the end of fiscal year would mean BONUS TIME.  It's the time to reward great employees like me because if they didn't unload the money, it would just go to taxes.  It's always been a matter of how much, not a matter of whether or not I'd get one but this year looks so dismal, I'm not holding my breath.

Well maybe I'm holding my breath a little.  Last week the owner stopped by to chat....I dunno what kind of kiss assy thing I said, but his response was "Oh it's that time of year.  You're working on your bonus, huh?"


I wasn't working on my bonus cuz in my mind there's no money for bonuses.....but I think the owner showed a tell!  Of course my hand is like a 10-2 off suit.  But just ask Doyle....sometimes those hands win.

Anyway enough of shop talk, let's talk about poker and FFT (Fucking Full Tilt).

As you know I played 3 sit 'n goes with some blogging buddies Sunday night and lost them all.  I just checked my balance and I have a whopping $28 left.  Dammit!

I am playing The Mookie Wednesday night so deduct $11.  And I have a side bet on The Mookie with Schaub-a-licous.  Whoever lasts longer wins a Mookie buy-in for the next one.  I plan on being tighter than Willie Nelson's headband.

The way I've been playing online, I need to keep an $11 balance just in case I should lose to Schauby.

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

Further proof that I'm a dork.  Inspirational quotes really do inspire me.  I have them hanging in my office and when times get tough they sooth and strengthen me.

If Ms. Harriet Beecher Stowe is right, it's time for the tide to turn.  Cuz baby, it sure seems like a tight place.

Play smart.



fmarra17 said...

What tournament is the Mookie?

lightning36 said...

"I plan on being tighter than Willie Nelson's headband." lol

The only problem with last longer bets is that they may affect your decisions at important stages of the tournament.

Schaubs has been playing some good poker lately while you are reporting that you have not. I'll go with Schaubs.

Good luck. I hope we are at the same table -- that would be fun.

Schaubs said...

Uh oh. You aren't going to like this, but I might have to postpone our bet...!! I didn't realize that I have a commitment (baseball) the next two Wednesdays! Hopefully one of them gets rained out and we can have our bet. This is not an excuse, so I don't want to see your next post with some ghey heading about how I chickened out because that is simply not the case. I hate blog wars. ;)

I want nothing more than to take your money, trust me. However, we may have to wait a couple of more weeks? (at the most)

In the mean time, I have a good feeling you will do well tomorrow and if you see my name in the tournament, then it is on!

I will give you some linkage today, just to make up for it.

Sorry, I know you were looking forward to getting your ass kicked by a fellow Accountant.

Josie said...


We had a bet. In the US a deal's a deal. I have a weekly poker game at my house that I cancelled because of our bet. When were you going to get around to telling me?

I don't want a war either, nor an arguement, but I will tell you this.

I always keep my word and my bets, and I expect the same from others. I believe that if I show up and last one hand longer than you, I win. I can't help if you don't show up after we made a deal.

Personally, I believe that if you don't show up you should pay up the bet you made ($11). That's my opinion. If you do that, I'd be happy to bet again with you when it's mutually convenient. If you do not honor your bet, then NO, I will not bet with you again.

I'd like to believe there are others out there who would honor their bets......that being said, maybe my opinion is not in the majority. Maybe betting and a person's word is different in Canada.

I'd like to ask the readers of this post if they believe you should honor your bet. If majority goes with my opinion, well then it was nice talking about betting with you.

If they agree with you, I will re-think it.

I'd like honest opinions from everyone if you please. I THINK I'm right, but I want to you what you guys think.

Speaking of baseball....red sox beat toronto last night! :)

Ahh another accountant....I expect more from you then!

Take care,

dbcooper said...

I know who my money is on!!!! Hey Josie you still going to play even if the Schaubs sounds like he cant make it??

Josie said...


The Mookie is a Bloggers tourney and it's part of BBT5...winner gets cash plus a ToC seat....don't have time for more info but it only costs $11 to play....and they players are EXCELLENT....But if you plan on playing don't be surprised that I won't be chatting....no witty banter this time. (well I HOPE it was witty)

Schaubs said...

Sorry... didn't know it was a contract and I didn't know you cancelled your home game.

Can't you multi task? I've played in the Mookie and had my hair cut at the same time before. Pffft, accountants multi-task.

But yeah sure, if I don't show up tomorrow, then I will ship you your $11 as you say it will be my fault for breaking this "contract" we had. The only reason I would be doing it would be to stop the drama trainwreck that would unfold afterwards...

My new strategy will be to sign up and then put a $5 bounty on your head instead. I will come out ahead $6. Genius!

No worries though I will pay if you pull it off.... even though I know "the people" will agree with Schaubs because they know that in order to have a last longer bet... there has to be at least two people involved.

A deal is a deal though and I wouldn't want to upset a new blogger as I have seen your wrath already and it wasn't pretty.


Bayne_S said...


You can probably enter and blind out and still win last longer bet against Josie from what I've seen

Josie said...

Schaubs, you answer is pleasantly surprising and I thank you for it.

Last week when I played the mookie I also had the home game at my house, and it was chaos....not conducive to good play. I had a bunch of goons looking over my shoulder to get a look at my laptop, alot of unsolicited advice....and alot of cheering cuz I had the bruins on. that's why I chose to cancel.
I like you Schaubs, and I hope you play.

Josie said...

Hi Baynes!

You're Waffles friend from CA, right? Someone has to teach you manners!

Thanks for actually leaving a comment....usually all you do is lurk....makes me wonder "how much of me you've seen."


Thanks for stopping by!

Josie said...

@Coop, I'll be there! Super busy or I'd type something funny!

fmarra17 said...

Josie - What time tomorrow is "The Mookie" Tournament start? How do I find it on Full tilt? Do I need an invitation to play or can I just log on?

SirFWALGMan said...

I think that it is nice of Schaubs to honor the wording of the bet. I also think it would be nice of Josie to let him off the hook and allow him to play in a couple of weeks. I do not think it is required but it would be nice.

Accounting strictness is cool but good gestures are human and nice. Not that I would know much about that.

Schaubs said...

What a waste of my money.

fawk. I think I just felt sorry for your lack of bankroll management skillz...

Josie said...


I think my boy Waffles makes alot of sense. As much as I'd like your money, I'm gonna give you a pass...with bonus points for manning up.

We can postpone the bet till a better time. Okay?


Josie said...

Waffles, When did you get all logical?

Josie said...


Consider this your Mookie invitation! Click on tournaments, then click on Private...it starts at 10PM on Wed night....you'll need the password which is vegas1....an easy way to find it is to just look for me, veryjosie. I'm all ready registered.

lightning36 said...

Ahhh ... trying to make Schaubs pay is a wuss move, imo. This is all for fun and it is only $11. I can't believe you would cancel a home game for the bet.

Sounds like you need to loosen up a bit, Josie. And I'll even stop here without adding some funny, snarky comments ... lol.

Josie said...

Lightning, You're right. Waffles comment made alot of sense to me. Mr. Schaubs is off the hook!

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! I'm super excited about it! Already told Waffles.....but maybe this deserves a post of it's own.

BTW I love the snarky comments! I think you're wicked funny.....my kinda humor. You could just throw one nice one in, for every 5 snarky ones....just to mix it up a bit!

dbcooper said...

LOL @ Baynes comment about lasting longer. Then again I just read his blog and his wife dragged him to The BackupPlan and he didn't like the birthing scene. It was hilarious. Yea I gotta side with Waffles and Lightning. Schaubs needs a break. I figur now though Schaubs should give you odds . Since he couldn't make it he now has to not only last longer but 11 places in the standings longer. That seems fair. You beat him you win. You get felted and he finishes 1o places ahead of you. You still win. 11 and above he wins.. How does that sound??

Josie said...

Coop, I think your idea is a great one! Schaubs?????

Josie said...

Coop, yeah I'm siding with Waffles and Lightning too....I wanna kick his canadian ass fair and square.

Schaubs said...


Thanks Josie, I was totally prepared to ship it to you tomorrow night.

Now I can concentrate on ball and drinking beer.

Anyway, if it does rain and my game is cancelled then I WILL play in the Mook, and I WILL take that bet (as long as you are there too of course).

So the first mookie where we are both there, it's a bet.

Thanks for your understanding.

Oh and Waffles thanks for pulling a non-waffles type of move and being human and nice.

Now go and take Josie out on a blogger bender (which means waffles will have TWO drinks).

Schaubs said...

11 is too much.

Josie is a good player and I think that handicapping herself is not doing her any favors in the long run.

Neither of us have a Mookie title... if I had one I would say sure.

Good idea Coooooop, but I don't think I can agree to such steep terms.

Basically, If Josie and make it to the final table... then what?

System is flawed yo.

Josie said...

LOL to Schaubs....and lemme tell you...I played the mookie maybe 18months ago....not sure exactly....anyway it was down to like 3 of us...I was the big chip leader and full tilt crashed.I shiat you not. They divided the money like we split and I never got interviewed or anything!

Enjoy your ball game....love me some spring softball.

Schaubs said...

Ohhhhh, so you do have a win.


I'll have to check back into the archives and start studying your play.

JKJK asssss if.

SirFWALGMan said...

Two drinks is about right. I am easy. Of course my friends like me to drink because I am highly amusing when drunk.

lightning36 said...

Sorry kiddo, but finishing in the final three is not a win, even if you had the chip lead.

btw -- I never knew we had a Mookie that only had three entrants?

Muhahahahahahahaha : o )

Josie said...

Hmmm if 2 drinks makes you easy....what'll 4 drinks do?

Note to self...get waffles loaded. lol