Thursday, April 29, 2010

I feel so satisfied

I played a great fucking game last night called The Dank or The Mookie (depends on who you ask).  87 players.  I lasted about 2 1/2 hrs.  Out 21st.  Normally I'm pissed off when I'm knocked out of a tourney.  But not tonight.  It was too much fun, the players were way cool, and it was such a pleasure to play against a field of that quality.  I'm so satisfied you'd think I was petting the kitty.

As I type this I'm also watching the final table.  Who's left is:

Fmarra17 - That's my boy Frankie - He just doubled up off of Floppy, so he has 56K.

Floppy - He should change his name to Chippy.  He's got the lion's share of them.  He just took out Lorretta who had fishhooks.  Floppy's AK hit a king on the flop and bye bye Loretta.  Floppy has 145K at the moment.

Down to three, Rakewell, Fmarra and Floppy.  Rakewell has 35K...he's at the bottom....correction...he and Frankie are even and Floppy's the chip leader.

Rakewell doubled up when he went all in for over 50K with A8.  Floppy CALLED the ALL IN with 8/5 suited.  I think someone's getting tired.  How do you make a call like that?  If you're embarrassed you could say that you hit the wrong button by accident, but I doubt anyone would believe you.  :)

Rakewell keeps putting pressure on Floppy.  Betting hard and making Floppy deal with tough decisions.  3 handed play and they're all doing it well.  Seems to me that Rake's changed his play...turning aggressive and making continuation bet after continuation bet, and it's paying off.  He's now the chip leader.

It's back and forth between Rake and Floppy.  Fmarra's been playing tight.  Floppy raises and Fmarra goes over the top all in.  Floppy calls and shows ace rag against Frankie's sailboats (pocket 4s).  Floppy hits an ace and Fmarra's out third.

Rake and Floppy heads up and not alot of difference  in their chip stacks.  Floppy has something like 3-6 , hit's a 3 on the flop, and another on the river.  he doubles up and cripples Rake badly.  Next hand Rake is out and Floppy.....dear old lovable Floppy has won The Mookie and a ToC seat.  Yes he got lucky a few times but he played well too.

All I can say is Mazel Tov!

But enough about those dudes, let me tell you about my play.  This is gonna be a long post so get comfy.

I started out with MiamiDon at my table.  I've been a big fan of his blog for years.  Whenever he would post you were pretty much guaranteed an exciting and true story.  You just can't make up shiat like that.  Oh and when he'd get laid, he'd favor us with pics of the lucky ladies (topless).  What more can you ask of a blogger? 

Well guess what?  He says he's writing again!  Best news I've heard in a while. I think we had a LLB but I'm not I owe you something Don?  :)

So I'm playing along and I have NYRambler to my right.  He's an aggressive bastard and it seeems whenever I bet he raises.  I'm trying to play cautious.  I catch AA early on and get a few chips so I'm doing fine.  Then I get 10-10.  5 people limp in for 40 including NYRambler and I raise it up to 320.  Everyone folds but NYR (friggin new yorker)  and the flop is 3-6-7.  I bet pot and he goes over the top all in! 


Why go all in so early in the tourney?  Does he have trips? Is he just being the aggressive bully I suspect he is?  I think I have the best hand but man if I'm out this early I won't hear the end of it tomorrow.  Bottom line is I think he's trying to  push me around so I call and he flips over 6-5suited. 

All in with middle pair....WTF? 

Thankfully he doesn't suck out on me and I double up! 

I play tight aggressive poker.  I get card dead for quite a while but have my patience with me tonight and I'm doing just fine.  Till I get a hand I despise.  A Rag (ace five specifically).  Listen to me very carefully.....


Flop has a 5.  I make a bet on my pair of fives and some fucking villian (does anyone remember who?) calls.  I catch an ace on the river for two pair and the villian gets a straight and doubles up.  :(

But I don't tilt.  I relax....enjoy the game and I'm steady eddy.  Coop gets transferred to my table for a while....Lightning comes does a really cool dude named Jamy.  I really enjoy playing with Jamy but guess what?  The fucker doesn't have me on his blog roll.  Someone oughta fix that. :)  Having a really good time though. 

Coop gets dealt AA and hits trip aces on the flop.  He checks it and gives his opponent a straight.  Trip aces lose and coop's down to 2k....then poof, he's disappeared from my table and pops up at Gary's table.

Gary's hanging in.  He raised with Q-10 in early position.  He got one caller:  Buddy Dank.  Flop was AQQ and before you can say Holy trips batman they are all in and Gary's up against Buddy's KQ....Gary's crushed, or so I thought.  The river brouught a 10 and another Full Tilt suckout.

Gary was like a merry go round after that.  Up and down.  Up and down.  He and Coop were at the same table and both had a less than average stack.  I was keeping an eye on their table and then offered Coop a little incentive....if you take Gary out I'll give you a back rub.  I was just making a funny.  It's an offer I make in live games but damn it worked tonight!  It woke The Banana Man right up and about 5 minutes later Gary was history.  Gary had Ace Rag (no comment) against Coop's AA.  Coop I owe you a back rub!!!!

I think it's very interesting that whenever I offer an incentive to a man he most always rises to the occasion and wins the prize.  Real men rise to the occasion.

Speaking of rising to the occasion there's this guy Lightning.  For a change he has a helluva post up called Just HAVE to check it out.

Now let's have a little are some of the guys that I lasted long than:
Buddy Dank,
NY Rambler,
 Lucki Duck,
Riggs :P,
The Banana Man,
JamyHawk (toldya so!) among others. 

Ahhhh I told you I was satisfied, didn't I?  Mmmm if I smoked, I'd light one right now.

Play smart.



fmarra17 said...

Josie, Thank you very much for inviting me to the tournament. It was lots of fun and the competition level was awesome. I have been reading poker grumps blog for a while now and it was awesome to finally get to play with him. I had an internet moment very early on in tournament. I had about 2000 or so in chips left and I was clicking around the tournament lobby in between hands. Well I clicked something and then the table screen popped up and I was clicking right near the call button. I called an all in bet with a J 2 off suit. I believe my opponent was pig..... He had A Q the flop and the turn didn't improve our hands and then I got a 2 on the river and knocked him out. I was horrified, then pissed and then excited in the span of 7 seconds. Needless to say I did not read the lobby info the rest of the tournament. Today I will pay for my win because I’m freggin exhausted. Although it was all worth it and would definitely do it again.

Lucki Duck said...

Um, I hate to burst your bubble, but I didn't play in the Mookie (Dank). I was just railing ya.

Congrats on the deep run! Maybe you will ship the next one.

Just stay away from fmarra17. That Dude's an animal!

Josie said...

Frankie, it was a pleasure to play with you. But you're a friggin mad man. I am PERSONALLY taking you out of The Very Josie....glad you were able to play. I'm friggin exhausted beauty sleep for me last night.

Lucki Duck LOL - sorry dude. I saw you railing (remember I had duck for dinner lol) so I figured you were knocked out....Marra better stay away from ME. :p

Gary said...

That hand when I rivered the 10 to fill me up was absolutely filthy. The funny thing was that when I had the better of it, I lost, and when I was behind, I won, pretty damned consistently.

The level of play was amazingly good. Jo, you are to be congratulated for hanging in as long as you did, and to Floppy, who won, I can only say this: JEW POWER!!

Anonymous said...

Had fun "playing" with you last night.

I always enjoy the banter.

Hope I can write some good shiat for you baby.

Josie said...

@gary....yeah but not good enough to cash. I pushed with crap....which started looking decent because I was card dead for so long.

@Don...I KNOW you can. Thanks for stopping by.

dbcooper said...

You Have a cat??? LOL Yea it was fun tournament and congrats for finishing so well. Getting those first set of Aces cracked really hurt me and although I hung in there for quite awhile. They say every story has a "happy ending" and with a back rub so does this one. Congrats to Frankie who cashed. I remember early on checking and at one point he was under 1000 chips so great comeback.

Josie said...

@Coop....I said a back don't be assuming a happy ending too. ;)

I do have a cat...but that's not what I was talking about. ;)

Josie said...

Ahem....Did anyone notice that MIAMI DON left ME a comment!


Okay must calm down....

The Poker Meister said...

Last longer, Josie? Pfft... what does it mean to last longer?

Cricket said...

Good job!!

Josie said...

Thanks Cricket Dear! Girls Rule and Boys DROOL.

@ Poker Meister....a guy who doesn't know what it means to last longer -1 for you and -1 for your wife.

The Poker Meister said...

I beg to differ; it would be "-1" for my wife, and "+1" for me.

Josie said...

Meister....Typical man! :P

Josie said...

Hey EVP!!! R U still there?

SirFWALGMan said...

The legend continues and Josie gets another shoutout:

Ignore everything he said though. :P.

Josie said...

Waffles, Loretta is a DUDE?

Nice mention of me considering I don't know this person.

Has anyone notice that I'm on EVERYONE'S POST these days....and everyone's blogging again...


+1 Very Josie

evpjm said...

Yep Still Here.....I take a peek every now and Then.

Josie said...

That's long as you're there. You're my voice of reason.

Wolfshead said...

Of course you lasted longer than me, noone ever said I could play the game. I don't go to church, just put my offerings on the alter of the poker gods. They come to collect. Don't see that when you are sitting in the pew on Sun.

Josie said...

Wolfie, don't blame your lack of poker skills on your lack of church going! How many mookie players do you think were in church last sunday.......besides me?

The Poker Meister said...

I was praying to Allah.

Wolfshead said...

I don't blame my lack of skills on not going to church, that comes naturally, both the lack of skills and church. Just saying that since I don't go I contribute to the gods directly at thye tables.

Josie said...