Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Should Be Hungover

But I'm not! Woke up feeling a little "shaky" but that has passed.

Don't have much time so here are the highlights:

I lost again last night. Damn you Coop! Coop took me out, and not for dinner! Obviously he doesn't know how to treat a lady nicely.

I did get 3 bounties - heffmike, my jew boy, and someone else?????

The horse I picked to win the Very Josie Derby was Mojo and yes he complied. I am 2 for 2 with my picks.

So how do I do is? Is it just me predicting it? Or does my pick influence the person playing? I think it's a little bit of both. As I've mentioned in the past, I have a knack for calling a card, and then picking it randomly out of a deck. Mama's got mad skillz - you shouldn't be playing against me (unless i'm drunk and uber chatty)

Next time I really mean this - no more chatting! I'm going to focus on playing POKER instead of just playing around.

Oh and my opinion of Waffles play? He didn't suck as bad as I thought he would! Aren't I sweet?

Jew Boy was to my right instead of my left (which is our usual position heh) so that was a big disadvantage too. And yeah, I got lucky and my ace ten, knocked him and his ace queen out. i told you I have mad skillz!

Lightning is trying really hard not to like me. So that means I'm on a campaign to change that. He's not immune to my other skills *wink wink*.

Marra - He played his first very josie last night...and I think it was his first game on full tilt to boot! Sounds like easy money, right? Nope. He played like a pro - very suspicious....that coupled with him being from NY.

I have one question for Marra to determine if I should like him. Marra, are you a yankee fan????????

I'm playing the Mookie next week and I'll be stone cold sober....I cannot guarantee I'll be quiet, but I'll try.

Superbusy this morning, so I'll post a recap later in the day. Work calls!

Bitches, loved playing with you all!




SirFWALGMan said...

Fun time Josie. I am sure Marra is a Yankees fan! That's why I hate him! Just kididng Marra!

fmarra17 said...

A Yankee Fan... God Forbid!! But I am a Mets fan. We can agree on loving poker and hating the yankees!!

fmarra17 said...

A Yankee Fan.... God Forbid!! But I am a Mets fan. Great time last night can't wait to do it again.

fmarra17 said...

A Yankee Fan.... God Forbid!! But I am a Mets fan. Great time last night can't wait to do it again.

Josie said...

Waffles - you're fun to play with!

Marra - loving poker and hating the yankees - you may be the perfect man! (except for coop)

Josie said...

Marra - Can I call you Frankie?

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for hosting it -- was uber-fun, but you really put the pressure on me!

Josie said...

Mojo - you obviously could handle it!

You may be my horse for your seniors event in vegas! :)

fmarra17 said...

Josie - Frankie is fine with me. Perfect man...I am a Jets fan so you may want to take that back.

dbcooper said...

You be quiet??? Impossible... Hey I am in that seniors event too??? You Don't like my chances?? My ego is bruised. Middle pair ??? Tsk Tsk Tsk

fmarra17 said...

Hey Coop - I've added your blog to my daily rotation. Good stuff!!

Josie said...

@coop - it was the wine talking! You're lucky you weren't in the same room as me...and yeah, I KNOW you're in the same event...I haven't made my final decision who will last longer.

@Frankie - I don't hate the jets! In fact, I don't hate ANYONE, except the yankees.

dbcooper said...

Thanks Fmarra17. Great playing with you.

If I was in the same room with you Josie I would have been topping up that wine glass of yours. You are too funny after a few glasses.

Josie said...

Coop - yeah i was funny alright - i couldnt even type by the end of the night. i gotta remember it's a competition and not a party....toldya i was a dork - to me, it was a party.

lightning36 said...

"Lightning is trying really hard not to like me."

As Michael Jackson said, "I'm a lover, not a fighter." I don't know where you get these silly notions. Maybe because I am not a butt kisser? lol

Josie said...

Lightning, Come on! Be a butt kisser - I'm Italian! There's plenty of butt to kiss! :)