Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cause Waffles Is Doing It

See this hunka hunka burning love?

Guess what he's doing Wednesday night? Playing Very Josie Poker!

Who thinks they can beat Waffles? I'll be adding a bonus prize to whomever sucks out on him. heh. Straight and flush chasers, this is your chance!

Waffles doesn't get mad when he loses, does he? Also, I've never played with him before, and I'm wondering if he's any good. If you have any info on how he plays, well lay it on me. If you think he really sucks, I may make a side bet with him. Why not, right?

In other news, Lightning36 claims he ain't playing if Waffles is in the game!

Actually, Lightning is claiming quite a few other things as well. Like he's smarter, better looking, more virile and a better poker player than Waffles!

I dunno about the other stuff, but Waffles does look damn cute in the picture above with those baby blues. Only thing missing is a little maple syrup...but back to the game...


Cause Waffles is doing it.

And The Poker Grump is doing it.

So is DB Cooper, Poker Meister, Gary, Lucky Duck, NewinNov, My sister Cricket, Lightning36 (you have to defend your title and not anger the hostess with the mostest), GoBurn1, MiamiDon, MOJO(maybe for more than 1 hand!) and most importantly ME!

Coop - Still trying to come up with a side bet for you - what do I want???? I'll get back to you on that.

Play smart Fishies!



Memphis MOJO said...

MOJO(maybe for more than 1 hand!)

If I have A-A the first hand, I'm folding. I'm determined to last at least two hands!! LOL

Katitude said...

Count me in! What's the pw?

Josie said...

@mojo - you're the horse I'm betting on this week....don't let me down....otherwise one word...GLUE FACTORY (two words actually) LOL

@Katitude, Nice! So there ARE other female poker players out there!

Password is pokerbaby.

private tourney is called very josie poker. Wed night at 9:00pm.

Josie said...

@kat - Ohhhh you're canadian! only canadian i know is our crazy drunk receptionist....I'm leery of canadians...

Josie said...

Oh Kat, one more thing, ever play with Waffles?

Katitude said...

well one isn't really a good sample size to judge Canadians on, but crazy drunk does cover a lot of bases.

And yes, I have played with Waffles a time or two *grin.

dbcooper said...

Geez a guy goes away for a weekend, (plays some poker) and Josie forgets that I am Canadian. I mean I could understand Memphis or me forgetting things( cause we are old) but what is your excuse..........I am waiting

Josie said...

Coop, how could I forget you? It's just that I've never met you...and I have to deal with the crazy drunk receptionist 5 fucking days per week.....but not this week!

She's off getting a breast reduction! I shiat you not! She's a 36JJ and guess what else? She asked me to take "before" pictures of her tits.....hmmm maybe those before pictures could be a bounty! Anyone wanna see them?

Welcome back Coop! I expect a full report on how you got lucky...oh and tell us about poker too. ;)

Also, anyone else notice the similarity between my profile pic and Kat's? She obviously has very good taste.

Memphis MOJO said...

you're the horse I'm betting on this week

With that kind of pressure, I'm afraid I'm going to have to bow out!! make lightning your horse again -- giddy up!

Gary said...

@Mojo, I am pulling for you, buddy. I'm confident you can at least triple your time at the table.

@Josie, mark my words: I'm your horse this week. Take it to the bank.

Josie said...

@mojo - nahhh lightning DOESN'T strike twice in the same place.

@gary - i like to pick WINNING horses, so it ain't you. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

Lightning will probably be too afraid to play since I am there.

Josie said...

I played a little satellite with lightning this weekend, and wasn't impressed. His win on very josie poker last week mustve been pure luck.

Oh lightning - I guess my week of being nice to you is now over. :)

lightning36 said...

Josie: Unfortunately, the gentlemanly part of me is shining through tonight, so I will not comment on your dramatic rise ... and fall in the satellite. : o )

And I actually made the comment about not playing if Waffles was playing because I was planning on not playing online for a week due to a trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, some life circumstances might interfere with the trip. If they do, I will be there to defend. If I go to Las Vegas on Wednesday I will not.

Josie said...

@lightning, lol yeah but I lasted longer than you!! much longer! Do what you need to do, dude. If you can play great, if not, no worries.

You're a gentleman? :P