Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bruins Play-Off Game

I went to the Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres playoff game with JB last night.  Now I don't know anything about hockey so I can't report too much about the actual game except for the basics like THE BRUINS WON!!!!

I finally met up with JB and we went to a deli kiosk so JB could get a corned beef sandwich *gag*.  While waiting for his sandwich this guy started talking to me....a guy from New York.  So of course I had to ask him the question I ask all New Yorkers..."Are you a Yankees fan?"

He hesitated.....definitely didn't want to answer, and then finally admitted, yep, he's a Yankee fan.  Of course my next question was "Are you a vice president?"  LOL I shiat you not, that's what I asked him!  Gary started cracking up and Mr. Yankee said "No, I'm not a VP but I am a blah blah blah..."  I tried to seem interested and polite but I dunno what he said. 

EVP, Frankie....you guys weren't at the Bruins game last night were you? ;)

So, we get to our seats which are center ice but really high up, and right next to me is a woman (questionable) who is a HUGE Bruins fan and she's leaning over my lap talking to the guy next to Gary.  When there was a break in the conversation I offered to switch seats with her so she could be closer to her friend.  She freaks out and says "No!!!!!  I've been watching the Bruins all year from this seat, I can't change my seat now!!!".   Okay!!!

The game started and it was loud.  Really loud.

Oh, wait a minute.  Here's a picture of me and my playoff ticket!

So the game starts and my neighbor is a loud mother fucker.  Chanting "Puck Support! Puck Support!" over and over again.  She must've screamed it 500 times.  I don't even know what that means.  In my mind I'm picturing a hockey puck in a jock strap, but I'm probably wrong.  Of course that doesn't stop me from chanting it along with her.  And instantly I have myself a buddy.

We're screaming "Puck Support" together and then she stops and changes to "We need a fight.  That's what they need to get them going.  We need a fight!"

Now remember I know nothing about hockey, but I do pick things up here and there, so while she's screaming we need a fight, I say to her, with an air of authority "They probably won't fight tonight because it's a playoff game".  Coop told me that and I figure it's a true statement.

Crazy lady looks at me like I'm crazy, LOL, and retorts with something like "They won't hold back.  Patrice will fight.  You're wrong!" (Thanks ALOT Coop)  And that pretty much ended our relationship right there.  Gary said she played for the other team, and I'm not talking about hockey.

Time for another picture!  Coop, look what's hanging in The Boston Garden:

Yep, a Canadian fricking flag.  I guess they'll hang just about anything in The Garden. :)

Crazy lady was right, and more importantly, Coop was wrong.  There was alot of fighting at the game.  And while they fight the refs just stand around them and watch.  WTF!  I think once one of the punchers falls to the ice then the refs step in.

For you hockey fans, the scoring went something like this:  First the Sabres scored, then the Bruins scored and then the Bruins scored AGAIN.  They won 2-1.

The bad news is I didn't get on the Jumbotron.  Oh well.  They did put all the marathon runners in the audience up on the Jumbotron, but no one confused me with one of them!  I thought there was a camera to my right so I was waving at it until JB pointed out that it was a spot light, not a camera. LOL

In other news (yes this is a long post.  worth the wait, no?)  I have meticulously tallyed the votes for Very Josie Poker and I'm going to leave it EXACTLY where it is.  Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET.  The first Wednesday of every month to be exact.

Now the readers over at Waffles blog think I should skip the first one in May because I'll be in competition with BBT5.  In fact someone very classy suggested no one would play Very Josie Poker unless....well never mind.  I ain't skipping shit.  First Wednesday of EVERY MONTH including May.

I understand the BBT5 is a big thing so I don't expect many players and that's cool.  But if you wanna play with me, well I'll be posting more info as well as a schedule of tournament dates in the near future.

Hmmm what else?  Tomorrow night I'll be playing The Mookie at 10pm ET.  I have a little bizness with a certain BALD man that needs to be taken care of.  He seems to think I'm a secretary, which is the WORST thing to call me.  And not only that but he's underestimated my talent at the felt so he has a false sense of security.  Suits me just fine.

Play smart and with confidence!



dbcooper said...

The flag brought a tear to my eye (not really) but it's because there are so many Canadian players playing in the NHL and for the Bruins. Glad your neighbour at the game didn't get you to change teams if you know what I mean although that might be hot.
As for tomorrow night I am getting worried the law of averages might be catching up to me. Well sort of worried. Glad the Bruins won last night. My Canucks lost........ BOOOOOOOOOO

Josie said...

Nahhh, if I haven't changed teams by 43, I'm not going to.....besides she'd be missing something vital. lol

So you're worried? :) Sounds like you're already making up excuses for why you're gonna lose. Law of averages, huh? Whatever helps you sleep at night.

evpjm said...

Nope was not me at the Hockey Game. I'm waiting to sit at a poker table one day and let you figure it out. Canadian Flags are in every Hockey Arena in the NHL. Not disagreeing with Coop, but I think it also has to do with the NHL being a two country League that requires both flags to be present in every arena. I don't think the Canadian Anthem needs to be sung unless there's a Canadian team playing.

Josie said...

evpm I'll wanna know your name before we're in a game together.

someone posted some really mean stuff about me on another blog and i'm so hurt! My brain is telling me that if I don't have a thick skin I shouldn't be doing this...and it's also telling me that's what I get for having a fresh mouth. But I never mean to hurt anyone when i do that, and I can see this guy meant to hurt me. It worked.

dbcooper said...

@ evpjm

Thats exactly why they fly the flag but if Bettman (the idiot ) had his way the only Canadian teams would be Toronto, Montreal And Vancouver.


That disturbs me that someone posted something mean. My comments are hopefully meant to be funny (well funny to me anyways). Send me a message I would love to read that post. (I won't publish it)

Josie said...

coop - you're comments are always funny and fun, and there's never any maliciousness behind them....dunno where to send you message and not sure I want to forward that crap.