Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm a Cougar!

Remember I made those basketball cakes for my friend's son who was turning 13?  Well I was just chatting with his YOUNGER brother who I think is about 10 yrs old.  All I can say is 10 yrs old or 50 yrs old, you guys are all alike.

I copied our facebook chat and it's below.  Please enjoy.  Keep in mind that whenever I see him I always spend about a half hour chasing him around the house, trying to get a kiss.

9:47amMe: Give me a kiss!

9:47amBrian: no

9:47amMe:  Come on!  If I was in 5th grade you would!

9:47amBrian:  no

Me:  how bout a hug?

9:48amBrian:  no

9:48amMe:  a virtual high five?

9:48amBrian:  no

Me:  Mean!  A handshake?

9:48amBrian:  no

Me:  you owe me!

9:49amBrian:  no

9:49amMe:  remember all the times you used to hit me in the butt?  you need to give me a kiss for every time!

9:50amBrian:  no

9:51amMe:  Hmmm do you say anything but NO?

9:51amBrian:  hi

Me:  LOL okay that's a start

9:51amBrian:  lol

9:52amMe:  You should practice you're running, next time I see you I'm catching you!

9:52amBrian:  no

Me:  Um yes I am, and then I'm TICKLING you!

9:53amBrian:  i am faster than u

9:54amMe:  What?????? That can't be!  Can it? Aren't you still 5 years old? :P

Brian:  yeah it can be and im not 5 years old

9:56amMe:  lol

9:56amBrian: lol

9:56amMe:  I gotta go! Bye! :* xoxoxoxoxo

Story of my life!



Cricket said...

:* Cute!!

Playing the L & BG poker tonight?

Josie said...

No, I think that well has dried up! Haven't heard from them in tonight it's Frankie! Frankie Say Relax! (you have to be old to remember that, NOT as old as Coop)

Josie said...

Glad to see you're awake Cricket!

I'll see you in an hour at the Mama's house.

Cricket said...

Yes awake, and enjoying my new daily poker blog intake.
Wow, didn't know about this behind the scenes world.

dbcooper said...

That poor boy is going to be traumatized and end up like me......

Josie said...

Coop, you're not traumatized YET.

fmarra17 said...

relax don't do it when you want to go to it..... ;-)

dbcooper said...

I am traumatized as Fulltilit idiots suspended my account for no reason. Read my latest post.

Josie said...

Coop, I thought it was your son's account that was suspended! So my money isn't available to you, huh?

Josie said...

@Frankie, yes! You must've heard that song when you were 4 yrs old!

dbcooper said...

His is suspended because he entered the wrong transit bank info which he has now faxed the correct info in My question is why did they suspend mine???

Josie said...

Ah coop, that stinks. I was hoping to see you as an observer, but it didn't work out that way.

lightning36 said...

Josie, it looks like you missed your calling: the prieshood. lol

Josie said...

Lightning, you calling me a man?