Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mama's on Fire!

I played in a league tournament last night and I won. First place baby! It took 3 hours, and not only did I win the cash in the picture shown here, but I won 60 points for the league thingy.

This is the 2nd tournament for this league. I missed the first one, but regardless of that, with last night's win, I'm tied for 2nd in the league. I rock!

Marvin tripled up while the blinds were still 25-50 so he was the chip leader. It felt like I couldn't get two cards higher than nine for the first two hours so I played very little at first.

When I finally did get a decent starting hand and bet, everyone would fold to me. I wasn't going anywhere fast.

But everyone else was. They dropped like flies. We played 3 handed for almost two hours. Marving, me and Lynne, with Lynne the very shortstack.

I had doubled up and was doing okay but no where near Marvin.

Then I got A-5 in the big blind. I hate Ace Rag! Marvin doubled the blind but I figured I'd take a look see so I called. I guess it's not a terrible hand, 3 handed. :)

Flop was 5,5,K!

I checked and Marvin bet. I went into the tank for about 5 minutes. Merrill Streep would've been proud of the acting. I finally, grudgingly, called.

Turn was a 7 and I checked again.

Marvin went all in! I said "really marvin? I call!" He said YOU CANNOT HAVE A FIVE. I showed my trips with ace kicker. Marvin turned over k-7 for kings over sevens.

River was a 5!


I have "high hand" status in the league with the quads. It pays something at the end of the year. (don't ask me what)

I became chip leader. Then I took out Marvin. He was not happy to be bubble boy!

It was funny because when I was heads up with Lynne and I had a huge chip advantage, I thought to myself, if I can't beat Lynne heads up, I shouldn't be playing poker. Yes, she's that bad, but she came in 2nd!

And I came in first! Very Josie played VERY WELL.

Anyway, Happy Easter Peeps!

Play smart, especially if I'm at your table.



dbcooper said...

That league sounds like ours. Congrats on the win. Do you have to pay to enter?? How much was the win??

Memphis MOJO said...

Good job and congrat$ on the ca$h.

Josie said...

re: league - It costs $100 per year to be and how she does it is she has a tournament every 3-4 weeks. The tourney costs $25 to play plus a $5 scratch ticket that's the bounty. When you play, on top of that you give her $10-20 every time and that goes toward your $100 league fee, until its paid off. So the $25 is prize money for that night.

8 people didn't show up so I got a little over $200 for my 1st place win.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

You kill me.

Josie said...

Hi Linda! LOL Remember, this blog exists because you told me to!!! BTW I just finished BH for the second time, and rarely do I read a book twice but it inspires me.