Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Famous! - RE -Edited!!! Lightning36, I fixed it!

I popped up (like a woody) on this guy's poker blog.  His name is Schaubs.  I had to read his post 3-4 times to determine if I was mentioned in a positive or negative way.  My final answer is.....all publicity is good publicity.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Unless I'm mistaken the tone of it is if players like Josie are in the game, well sign me up.  I can beat her like a red-headed stepchild!  I don't blame him.  If I was watching me play The Mookie, I'd think the same thing.

Who the hell is this guy anyway?  Well here's what I know:

  • He's Canadian DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED.  We'll summarize this as  "Strike One"
  • He's a friend of Waffles.......I have theories about that too, but I'll leave it alone.
  • He's a decade younger than Very Josie.  I betcha $5 that when he plays poker it's with sunglasses on and likely a baseball cap too.  Oh and he has a couple of "cool" tattoos.  Am I right?
  • He plays golf.  Interesting!  That means he doesn't mind playing a game that he sucks at!  Does this mindset follow for poker too?  I dunno YET.
  • He has himself a pretty good poker blog that's actually about POKER.
Yes, this is a new world's record.  Three posts in one day.  None of them have any real poker content...but that's what lucky #4 is.

Lightning36 (great dad & hubby) with The Poker Brat

Oh, and I'm thinking about taking some money from one of my readers, Frankie.  To do this, I have to give him my cell phone number so we can text prior to a game.  Should I do this or am I asking for trouble?  Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little trouble.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Sorry dude, but I doubt that you could carry Schaubs's jockstrap. You'd probably steal a whiff of it, though ... : o P

Josie said...


+1 Lightbulb

dbcooper said...

Yep Scaubs actually lives in the same area as I do. I have to keep him winning so his tax dollars can keep my old age pension going. Don't piss off us Canadians Josie or we will hit you with our curling brooms.

evpjm said...

Read My comment in your last post.

Josie said...

evp, I did read it. Of course I'm asking the question. I wouldn't give my number to any of you guys. lol But this is different!

Coop took his vitamins today!

fmarra17 said...

Josie - To make it easier you can just send me an e-mail to the account I have linked up to my blogger account I have an I-Phone and get my e-mail all the time. So I believe that will solve the problem, no number needed and no offense at all taken. Lots of crazy's on the internet!! LOL.

Josie said...

For the record, I really don't think you're a wacko or we wouldn't even be having this conversation. We'll definitely do something. I think it'll be fun. And then I'll write about it....ummm just ask coop...i'll write MY version of it. :)

Pick a night! and then we'll go from there.

lightning36 said...

You don't REALLY want to get on my bad side, do you?

Josie said...

Awww lightning, just my way of reminding you that you like me.

Josie said...

Lightning, I wanna be on your GOOD side and you should be crazy about me okay?

Schaubs said...

My post was meant as a compliment Josie. You meany. All I was getting at was that guys like Rooster leave the table and a seat opens up for another player like you. I was going to say writer and since you sell out to google, I guess you could call yourself that if you like.

Instead of figuring out who I am you should ask yourself why everyone is trying to figure out who you are? Everytime a new GIRL blogger hits the scene, Waffles is all over it. LJ, Evy and now you! LOL, I keed.

To be clear, Waffles and I are not friends. He is my enemy, unlike Lightning. Hi Waffles!

Yes, I am Canadian, and yes I know you wish you were born in Canada too.

You are old. ;)

I make fun of people who play poker with sunglasses & ipods. Wow, we actually might have something in common.

I hate tattoos.

Yes, I play golf and have done so for 20 years and always strive to get better. I will take on any and all poker bloggers heads up for whatever stakes they want. Name your price.

My blog is not a poker blog... but it looks liek I tricked you into think that. I started it 4 years ago only for one reason - poker blogger free rolls.

Fuel is ghey.

Josie said...

Schauby, Hmmm So I got a few things wrong.
1.) I toldya I wasn't sure if your post was good or bad. I didn't know who the hell Rooster was so I couldn't tell.
2.) Yes, I AM a meanie. You're quick to figure this out. I've been telling everyone else the same thing.
3.) Those damn google ads. Really thinking about removing them cuz they dont seem to be making much money, but I'll be damned if I let some random dudes influence me. Maybe you should click on them - that might make them go away (THIS IS A JOKE!!!)
4. Waffles obviously has VERY good taste in girl bloggers.
5. I've had bad experiences with warned.
6. Glad I'm wrong about you being a sunglass wearing wonderkid. I eat those for breakfast (when I'm not on a diet).
7. Yes I AM old. I might've mentioned that about 200 times. Glad you caught on.
8. Who is fuel and so what if he's gay? It's okay with me...and if you are too - my blog is the place to come out. you'll be among friends. :P
9. For a young kid, you seem pretty smart.

Mookie Bet is ON!

Josie said...

Lightning, may I say you have a beautiful wife...seem to be lucky in life and poker.