Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sister, Sister

Very small games last night. 4 players in the first game, and 5 players for the next two. Made me wonder if it was even worth playing. I really don't like playing with four players but plans were already made.

Funny thing is for the first game we split when we were down to two.....but I mean really what's the sense in playing?

I split the first two. Gary split the second with me and won the third so he ended up most winning, and I was second.

And I'm even steven on the side bets last night.

*yawn* Exciting post, huh?

In other news the private tournament on Full Tilt should be up and running next week. I'll post all the details once it's official, but I'm thinking Thursday night at 9:00pm.

And as a bonus if you play, not only will you get to play with ME, but you'll also get to play with my sister too!

Did I mention I had a sister?

Lemme tell you, betweeen the two of us, I'm the BORING one. Cricket is a fun loving, salsa dancing, artsy kinda chick. You'll love her.

No Cricket isn't her real's actually a kind of joke between us. I didn't tell her about the blog till last night, when I also told her about the private online tourney that I wanted her to play. I'm sending her the url to the blog this monring so I hope she comments!

Can you handle playing against the two of us?

Jew Boy can't!

Play Smart,



evpjm said...


I've never took on sisters before. Well, that's the story I'm sticking with. Anyway, There's almost no chance of me doing any online tourny during the week. I work in NYC and have about a 2 hour commute each way. Most days I don't come home much before 11 pm. My schedule in General is crazy which includes traveling. So it would be hard for me to commit. Also, I'll be around Springfield this weekend and maybe Boston Sunday night as I just might be scoring Tix to the Bosox opener against you know who...(NYY). Talk about a good side bet prize.

Memphis MOJO said...

Lemme tell you, betweeen the two of us, I'm the BORING one.

The poker world isn't ready for two of you!

Josie said...

Wimpy, I mean EVP, you wouldn't be taking on sisters, you'd be taking on many players, and it's NOT a team thing. I've taken my sis out of more tournaments than I care to count, and she's taken me out of a few too. She doesn't play to the extent that I do....of course, no one else does either.

You really think you can get tix to sox home opener against the skanky yankees on Easter???? Or is this just bullshit? Besides, what if you're an axe murderer?

Can you do Friday nights? Sounds like a lame excuse anyway. Anyone can leave early ONE DAY if they choose too - especially if they're an bullshit meter is going off big time.


Josie said...

Memphis, she's good but she's not VERY JOSIE good....I don't want to mislead you! I'll tell you this though, between her and jew boy it'll be a helluva fun game - waiting to hear back from full tilt.

evpjm said...


You really need to get through this diet. If you knew me you would know that I live at the office during the week. It's just how it is and the type of job I have. Next, I told you I'm heading that way for business on This weekend and the company that I'm working with has seats. They happen to mention it in a conversation yesterday being that I'm from NY and everyone must be a Yankee Fan. Not sure how realistic it is but I'd thought it would be fun to throw it out there. Next, If it did pan out My intention was to give you my pair. I was not really thinking any other way and now that I will have to leave my Axe home, what fun would that be. Lastly, I really don't need to bullshit and I thought it would be fun to play a little tourny now that I seemed to have gotten myself into a little (tounge-in-Cheek) grudge match with you. So if you like I will send you out new batteries for that meter, I'll try to make the tourny, and I'll make sure to keep my future comments brief as I have a knack for getting myself into things.

Josie said...

I'm sorry EVP! You're 100% right about the diet - it's turning me into a total bitch, but I just had lunch (spinach, a tomato and water) and feel a little better.

I just couldn't believe they'd give away opening day tix, but maybe that's springfield - here in boston that wouldn't happen.

Sounds like a GREAT side bet though - like you looked into my soul for what I'd want most....I guess you guys do know me.

The tourney's in revere saturday night, not near springfield at you know the area?

dbcooper said...

Sister poker players eh...Now that she reads your blog she is going to be after you and your chips. I wish I could make that night but Thursdays is always a live game that I always play in. Then again I would have to invest money at Full Tilt but would just to take yours Josie!!! Ha Ha. Look forward to reading how it comes out.

Josie said...

Coop, my sis isn't like that at all. She'll play at my house, but really isn't into it like I I said she's the wild/fun one. I'm the pokery one.

She doesn't really play tourneys although she played one in vegas a couple years ago and came in the money...makes me proud.

Josie said...

Coop, you HAVE to play. At least the first time. I wanna play with you and I'm willing to pay for it.

YOU pick the night, and I transfer $11 to your account. Should you win (doubtful) you can shuttle the $11 back.


Cricket said...

Wow Jos,

I love your blog and am very impressed.

So, lately, I will admit, I haven't been at the top of my game.
I guess I missed the camaraderie more than the game.
But that is the thing. YOU sista, have the skills, killer edge and instinct, while I'm a social player and a creampuff.
I have the skills and can win and do want to win, I do. But, man, the focus that it you said, I love to have fun!


evpjm said...

Nope....Don't really know Mass at all but that's what Navigation units are for. But I might have to hold off meeting you until you can start drinking again. :-)

Josie said...

EVP, waiting is not a bad idea - saturday night is the last night of the cleanse.

and evp, I'm going to be super nice to you for the next week.

Please don't be offended - I just don't have a filter - I say what I think.

Being super nice starting NOW. Can I still have the tix? :) Pretty Please?

evpjm said...

I'm not offended at all. So does that mean that a week from today nice Josie is over???? A couple of If's on the tix. If they actually come through with them and if they are available then they are yours. Last If......If so, I'll contact you. Wait one more....If they actually get in my hands I'm not sure if they will Freak if I give them away. I'll have to play that last one by ear.

Last thing....Being a CreamPuff is not such a bad thing if your a Woman :-)

Josie said...

My dear EVP (see how nice?),
Yes, only one week. Alot of people would feel very lucky to have one week of nice Josie (see Jew Boy).

I can certainly understand about the tix - they're far too valuable to give away (and i think yo....I couldn't even come up with something equal if we DID have a side bet (not that I'd lose). I'd love to know where the seats are though. If you find out, you can email me at

xoxo (see how nice?)

Gary said...

Jo, count me in on the tourney.

Memphis MOJO said...

I won't be able to play next week, but normally would, so keep me on your list.