Monday, February 7, 2011

Why oh Why do I mix drinks?

Thoughts about poker and booze, but mostly booze.  :)

On Superbowl Sunday I had wine, more wine, 3,452 jello shots...some made with tequila and some made with vodka, alot of Sex on the Beach, and ciroc strawberry vodka, which I swigged straight from the bottle cuz:

A. Freddie dared me.
B. Everyone else was doing it.
C.  I was told it was P. Diddy's brand and I had to try it.

P. Diddy knows where it's at!  Except Freddie left the price tag on and that little bottle cost $35!  It was so smooth though! (that's what she said!)

So we've established that the drinking just didn't stop.  I have a killer headache right now, but at least I remember what happened yesterday, so things could've been worse.


The two dudes I didn't want at my table, Marvin and Freddie, were at my table!  Now Marvin's the best player (present company excepted) and Freddie's the one I split with last time.  Ugh....I prefer the fishies.

Funny thing is Marvin, Freddie and I were out early.  Such is life.  I dunno if I would've played better if I had to take $100 out of my pocket to play.  Maybe that killer instinct was tamed.  In the beginning anyway.

Freddie and I had a little side bet.  He has this....I dunno....soul patch....chin hair thing.  It hang like 4 inches down his chin, and he pulls on it while he plays.  I told him all in meant all in, including the chin hair!  If I took him out I got to cut it off. 

We were negotiating what I was putting on the table for the side bet....hmmmmmm....(gotta be careful with side bets, you know)....when I got taken out.

I was a little short and raised the blinds with a 10-9.  Flop was 10-9-X.  There were 4 people in the pot so I jammed all in.  I had a $20 scratch ticket bounty at stake, so this total donk and bad player called me with A-J, as did Lynne.  At least she had a 10.  I know they coveted that scratch ticket but it was so dumb for him to call. 

Okay, ready for it?

Turn was a king, and river was a queen.  gg Josie!

This guy amassed a TON of chips and he was out maybe 30 minutes after me.  Yeah, he's that bad.  But I don't blame him, I KNOW how he plays and knew when i jammed I'd get called.  Risk I was willing to take but it didn't pan out.

Onto the cash game!

Me, Marvin, Pinto (the guy who knocked me out), June (Lynne's wife), Freddie and me.

I annihilated the cash game.  Pinto dipped into his pocket 3 times cuz I busted him twice.  heh.  3rd time he put his entire money clip on the table, and I practically started salivating.  He didn't lose everything but left down.  I busted Marvin and June too.  :)  Freddie walked away with his buyin back.  He was THE ONLY ONE.  And I think he did because the chin hair side bet was still in place.

So after that we played one more tourney.  8 peeps.  Freddie pulled me aside, and said "Look, you stay away from me and I'll stay away from you.  There's no reason why we both don't cash in this."  I agreed to start that way, but once the gloves were off, he was on his own.

Oh and I had to let Marvin BORROW money to play in the last tourney.  heh.  After I took ALL his money in the cash game.  Then I went onto bust him out of that final tourney.   Of course I wanted his red sox jersey as collateral, but he wouldn't bite. :)

So I ended up splitting that last tourney even though I HAD A SIGNIFICANT chip lead.  At that point I had a killer headache and needed to get home.  Plus I won the high hand of the game.

I left with alot of extra cash in my pocket and booze in my system.

Other item of interest is the proposal Marvin laid on me.  He wants to do a little team play.  His idea is for 3 of us to team up. (Marvin, me and mebbe Troy)  We each put some money into one pot and we use this money to hit some poker rooms and play the same tourney together.  All the winnings go into same pot.  Rinse, repeat, until there is a significant bank roll for us.  At that point we either split it 3 ways or keep going.  Marvin's a good player too and not desperate for cash (unlike Troy).  Marvin is an investment banker, with a la de da title, so I'm not too worried about him.  I just don't know if it's in my best interests to join these guys.  I'd have to commit time to the team tourneys, but is that time better spent playing for myself?

I have cashed 5 for 6 in the last 6 tourneys I've played at Seabrook.  Plus remember my modest New Year's goal of winning $1,500 by June? I'm there already. Don't forget I WON a tourney on Saturday at Seabrook.

Any thoughts opinions on this deal would be greatly appreciated.

Play smart. 


PS. My head is pounding!


KenP said...

Let's see...

There is an investment banker.

They always tilt the odds in their favor or pass on the game.

You'd be using his dice.

Think of it like going pro. You have to do things that you may or may not want to do at that time. Not a Josie goal.

HighOnPoker said...

1) It amazes me how some of your story-telling and stories remind me of myself. The way you approach the game and the tourneys is very similar to my approach. It's too long to go into in a comment, but regardless, I hope you consider it a compliment (as intended).

2) When you agreed to avoid that other guy in the 8-person tourney, you were colluding. Soft play is collusion, and collusion is cheating. Just be warned, because some people may take real issue with that type of stuff, especially when serious money is at stake.

3) Don't go in with the other two guys unless you think they are better than you at poker. That's just my personal opinion. Consider this, as well: How would you feel if you are the only losing player from the threesome? How would you feel if you were the only winning player? Under both scenarios, I know there would be tension if I were in the equation, so it doesn't seem worth it.

Josie said...


1.) Thanks! I've noticed similarities when playing with you online.

2.) Yeah I know, and I didn't want or need collusion to win the tourney. He just kinda put me on the spot and I didn't know what to say, so I added that it would only be for a little while and then watch out. Ugh. I do regret that.

3.) Very good points. If I win, I'll be bummed that I have to split. If I lose, that'd suck too. I'm not doing it.