Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Misc stuff

1. I am wicked sick, and I'm "trying" to keep my germs to myself.  However, most likely I am contaminating the office.

2. A new architect started last week.  Older, but attractive woman with salt and peppa hair.  That was my first impression of her.  Today I'm looking more closely at her paperwork and I realized that she's 10 years YOUNGER than me.  Fuck, I am old.

3. Bayne had a good post about Ashton and Haseeb and the 70 mile prop bet.  If you live under a rock haven't heard about it yet, Ashton was looking for action on a prop bet.  He was willing to wager 900K to win 285K that he could run 70 miles in 24 hrs and the most he'd ever run previously was 22 miles.  His buddy and roommate Haseeb took the action and found himself in a very bad position; hoping that his friend would hurt himself (or worse) so that he could win this bet.  It was a bad situation, as I'm sure you've read. If you haven't read the details of this, click on the word "Bayne" above as he has so kindly provided Haseeb's blog about it.   Below is my comment on Bayne's post.

Josie said...

What's more interesting is that Haseeb was lamenting the position he was in, how he looked in Ashton's mother's eyes and the fact that he couldn't get out of this. Yet Ashton texted him with a way out at mile 60 and he wouldn't take it. Proves it WAS all about the money, or as poker players like to say, he was "priced in". I was feeling Haseeb until he turned down the deal. IMHO being priced in does not turn a losing hand/bet into a winning one. He could've saved himself 85K and face had he taken the deal. Instead he chose to hope his friend would get hurt.
Now as you may know, I like prop bets myself and will bet on just about anything and have in fact bet on the color of a person's undies in the past. (AND I WON) I get the need for prop bets. Poker players do the same damn thing over and over again and prop bets cut the monotony. But still....Haseeb should've taken the deal. He understood the enormity of the situation at that point.

I don't know why the story bothered me, but it did.  Like I said above, I've bet on various things for years and I don't let people off the hook.  Yet....as I wrote above, I think that Haseeb should've let his friend off the hook.   I dunno if that makes me a hypocrite, although no bet that I've been involved in would effect anyone's health.

I think the only time I ever gave anyone a break was an Acey Duecey game that got out of control.  Before long there was over $200 in the pot and someone bet pot...and had to pay double.  Gave him a break, and didn't enforce the double rule.  But that's it. 

Now ONCE and only once, was I given a get out of jail free card on a lost prop bet.  I don't remember the details and I'm too sick (and tired) to look it up, but HeffMike and I had a multi faceted prop bet that involved Spew Day, The Very Josie and mebbe something else.

I lost.

Afterwards, he let me off the hook, so long as I played the Spew Day game.  It was a kindness I'll never forget as my Full Tilt balance was dangerously low at the time.  I remember feeling terrible while thinking that I wouldn't have offered the same to him.  It was the only time that happened to me, and like I said, I'll never forget it.

Runner up situation:
When I played the HU match with Waffles he told me going into it that when I lost he'd ship the money back to me.  I believe my answer was something along the lines of F.U.  I really have to work on being nice.  Oh and it was a moot point because I eventually won.

Play smart, and remember I'm always available for prop bets as long as you don't enforce payment.



Bayne_S said...

I lifted links from Dr. Chako's blog but had already read cardrunners piece.

Ashton's family is there observing and ready to call for help if he collapses but they did nothing to actively stop him either.

$85k to net $1M is so priced in that dude who was on 4 hours sleep and drinking the night before will collapse and not make last 10 miles OR his MOM will put a stop.

This is dude I work with every day:
race he is about to do is 6 days of running in 6 days in Gobi desert where he carries all his supplies except water in pack. Day 1-4 is 20-26 miles each, day 5 is 56 in an area that can experience 120 degree temps.

I read story with the mixed emotions that I would hate to find my daughter in that spot and I work with a dude that could do it easily.

Heffmike said...

This admission about my glorious, magnanimous nature should make me almost as special as Hoy, I'm sure...

Josie said...

Bayne, I think there's a big difference between the guy you work with and ashton. The guy isn't driven by a gambling fever but I think Ashton was. I don't think there are any right answers yet my mind keeps returning to this story.

Heff, you're more special. People win MTT's every day but the kindness you showed was rare.

fmarra17 said...

"Older, but attractive woman with salt and peppa hair. Today I'm looking more closely at her paperwork and I realized that she's 10 years YOUNGER than me"

WOW that means she has Salt & Pepper hair at 19 years old!! ;-)

fmarra17 said...

"Older, but attractive woman with salt and peppa hair. Today I'm looking more closely at her paperwork and I realized that she's 10 years YOUNGER than me"

WOW that means she has Salt & Pepper hair at 19 years old!! ;-)

Josie said...

Frankie, hands down, you're the best!

lightning36 said...

Geez -- all this butt smooching ...

I need a dose of Wolfshead and Ken P just to feel right again ...

Josie said...

Light, Shhhhhhh!!! The old guys are napping. Do. Not. Disturb.

Memphis MOJO said...

Huh? I was napping and just woke up. What's going on?

Josie said...

LOL Mojo, I dunno! I was napping too. :)