Friday, February 25, 2011

More Poker

I got home last night and played 3 games from 8:30 - 10:30 pm.  At the end of this session I left with a net win of $295.  Wheeee! (actually $294.50 but I like rounding up)

I played a $33 (9) peep game and came in first place.  Heads up was touch and go but I perservered.  Because I appeared tight my opponent was "all in" every hand, which left me folding every hand - till the last one. :)  Imagine his surprise when I called his all in with A-10 sooted.  I was up against the mighty J-10, and had the feeling I was sunk.  Alas, I was not. :)  Cost $36, won $148, which is a net win of $112.

Then I played SmBoatDrinks' $5 Booze Cruise.  Fun little tourney; Omaha High Low, with maybe 8 peeps.  I immediately situated myself as chip leader and shortly thereafter donked off all my chips to some dude I don't know.  Blah. Cost $5.50, and lost.  Net of -$5.50.  But a donation to my boy Boaty is priceless.

Third game was a $55+5 (9) peeper.  I got a little short stacked early and doubled up shortly thereafter to become the slight chip leader.  Played (6) handed for quite a while and then I took out Mr. 6 and Mr. 5, so I was the extreme chip leader when we were 4 handed.  With a stack that size there was no need to play until the donks took one of themselves out, which happened soon enough.  I ended up WINNING FIRST PLACE here as well. Cost $60, won $248ish, which is a net win of $188.

$112 - 5.50 + $188 = $294.50 = $295!!!!!

In other news, I'll still not quite there healthwise.  I have a lingering cough and do not feel 100%.  I haven't been eating well, nor have I been exercising lately.  I'm going to focus on health this weekend.  I have a bunch of healthy new recipes that I want to try out.  Plan is to go healthy food shopping this weekend so there are good options for the week and start exercising again. 

Healthy body + healthy full tilt account = Happy Josie

For some reason it's usually one or the other with me. I'll like to try for both.  I want it all.  Hell, who doesn't, right?

Sunday night is the next Survivor Poker game.  I have been so humbled by my results in this little game that it's time to shut my mouth and focus on winning.  I need to pretend there are big dollahs on this game, maybe that'll help.

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

Nice ca$hes last night. GL in the next survivor game.

KenP said...

it's time to shut my mouth and focus

Weather Underground isn't giving the temp but I am sure there is a freeze down there in you know where.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLL Ken, I can do anything I put my mind to!

KenP said...

If silence is golden, you couldn't come up with MTA fare.

Let me tell you of the story of the girl name Joise. On that tragic and fateful day...

Josie said...

Ken, I'll have you know that in person I am very shy. Just like in person, you are very old. :P

KenP said...

Though I'm definitely not the one overcompensating.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLL You got me there. You win.

SmBoatDrinks said...

Nice! Good Karma you got for playing the Booze Cruise!

Littleacornman said...

A fine nights work! One wee thing though.When you have the bigstack on the bubble you need to be pounding your opponents into the dirt!

Josie said...

Ya, but when the buyins are big - I just dont wanna chance it till im in the money. I agree you're right, but that's why I was a little chicken.

Oh and I'm having an "english" muffin right now. :)