Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Whining Post

I'm still sick.  I feel like crap, my throat is killing me and I'm in work.  Why you ask? Because I promised the owner I'd have a report ready for him on Friday.  A report I've only produced twice before so I'm not proficient at it.  It's a report my boss has always prepared for the owner.  But he's always late with it, so the owner decided to give me a shot at it.  Twice previously I've done it perfectly and on time. Nice, right?

I haul myself into work today because of this report only to find that the boss did it yesterday, even though it wasn't promised till Friday.  Why?  Just in case I didn't come in today.  Grrrr.  That's not the real reason.  The real reason is that he doesn't like giving up control of anything.

Do I want to do it because I want to control it?  Heck no.  I wanted to continue my record of getting it in on time.  Obv being near death (so sue me for exaggerating a bit) is a legit excuse but in work, I don't like excuses.  I like results.  Hmmm I suppose that could be applied to poker.

Okay more whining......I am so upset with my play in last night's BJ.  Yes I know some of you call it The Mookie, some call it The Dank, or The Goat or Blogdonkament, but let me offer the most accurate name for this MTT.  I suggest The BJ!

Now if you dated me in the 80's, you may have heard that suggestion from me already, but this is an entirely different thing! Heh.

The BJ, as in The Buddy-Jo.  We must never forget that behind every great man is an even greater woman doing most of the work.

Hmmm what else can I complain about?

I know!  I'm taking Mucinex to get rid of this frigging thing.  Anyone ever try Mucinex?  It costs approx $899 and doesn't do shit.  FML.

Play smart and stay away from me.  I'm all germy.



lightning36 said...

Thanks for referencing mucus and spooey in one post. Unfortunately I happened to read it during lunch ...

Josie said...

Well I certainly expected whining comments on my whining post. Light, you did not disappoint.

lightning36 said...

Damn, you're right: I AM the best!

Josie said...

LOL Yes you are!

Wolfshead said...

check Wal-Mart or Wegmans if there is one in area. I know Wegman's has a house brand and Walmart used to that are the same ingredients as Mucinex but about half the price or better.

And don't bitch, i had to refill the Vicodin after this weekend plus i gave you my chips last night. Can't help it if you wasted them

Josie said...

Wolfie, I'll trade you some mucinex for some vicodin!

Oh yeah, I knocked ur ass out last night. Good times!

It's Copacetic Everyhing's Jake said...

I have guaifenesin which is the active ingredient in mucinex and I get it through an online health product site and it cost 12 bucks for 100 tablet instead of the $899 for 20 mucinex. Next time you get sick call me and I'll give your sister 20 for free. The stuff does work. By the by your sister robbed us all blind at a friendly game of texas holdem a few weeks ago. She must be your grasshopper.

Josie said...

I heard about Sis' win. I'm so proud!