Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Survivor TONIGHT

Aiming at HeffMike

Tonight on Full Tilt....Survivor Donkey Island continues.....

Team Fish now has one less teammate than Team Donkey.  Tonight is where things get even again.  I'm taking these fuckers down.  Period.

I will be doing NOTHING tonight except focusing on winning.  Winning and taking down Donkeys with sniper like precision.  Just thank your lucky stars you aren't HeffMike.

I'm throwing out a last longer bet to anyone who's playing The BJ (Buddy Jo).  If you want a little action just drop me a comment.  Can you last longer than Very Josie?  I don't think so.

Password is vegas1.  Come on and play and try to take down a Donkey.

Oh and play smart, cuz I will be crouching in the jungle waiting to take you out.



KenP said...

Many have thought you might need defleaing.

Josie said...

I do not have fleas!

jamyhawk said...

It's really weird. There you were busting my balls about no link and I just can't quite seem to find my link on your page.....