Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's your link Biatch!

And by Biatch, I mean JamyHawk.

Jimbo, let's address a few issues that popped up in your post.

1. I am not Mr. Joe C.  I am Josie.  Insinuation that I am a dude may lead to testicle removal.
2. Just because I bust your balls about a link on your blog does not mean you automatically get a link on my blog.  Nothing in life is assumed.
3. Team Donkey may be stacked, but that's not because of YOU JamyHawk. 

Now maybe JamyHawk was trying to save his teammate Heff.  You know bring attention to himself so that my killer instinct wouldn't be focused just on Heff.


It is ON!!!!!!.  Jamy's a dead man walking.  Even though I didn't consider him enough of a threat to focus on him, that has now changed.

Oh and I just re-read the post above and took out some really bad stuff - leaving only kinda bad stuff.  Isn't editing a wonderful thing?  Sometimes my fingers mouth gets me in trouble so I'm being proactive.

Speaking of being proactive - here is my recipe for tonight's success.  Yes, I am figuratively pointing to left field and calling a home run for tonight.

Get home.  Make dinner (hot dogs and beans, which is nice and quick).  Take a nice hot shower.  Change into sweatpants and tshirt and be all comfy and cozy......and instead of playing while amidst chaos, I'm taking the lap top to my bedroom and locking myself in.  No distractions.  And finally - 2 glasses of wine. 

Play smart - and watch me kick donkey ass tonight.  That's a promise.


PS.  Jamyhawk a/k/a Josie's bitch - I'm gonna link you up to my blog permanently.  I like you.


SirFWALGMan said...

"Sometimes my fingers mouth gets me in trouble so I'm being proactive."

oooh baby I love it when you talk dirty.

Josie said...


jamyhawk said...

Last longer is on. Name your price!

Josie said...

Now Jamy, I'm just messing with you...don't take me seriously.

How bout play for the mookie buy in? $11!

Now be nice to me cuz I'm a girl. :)

KenP said...

"Blogger Jonathan W. Stokes used algebra to map famous chess games onto a piano, and then outputted the results as MP3s. The tunes created are surprisingly listenable."

I sent him your and Waffles game. He says it sounds like "3 blind mice"

Josie said...

I believe that's "menage e trois" in french.

Ken, play the mookie tonight and knock some donks out for me!

lightning36 said...

Josie -- I wants me some last longer!

Josie said...

Okay Lightbulb! $5 last longer for you! Now play smart!

Bayne_S said...

My dictionary could not find the antonym for "kick some donkey ass"