Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seabrook AGAIN

Spoiler Alert!  I won the whole shebang bitches!

I decided to play the 4pm tourney and get a little practice in for Super Bowl Sunday.  Because of the weather we didn't get as many runners as usual.  There was a paltry 27 peeps, a 3 table mtt with 3 places in the money.

Changed my live play up a bit.  Usually, I start off tighter than tight.  Tonight I did more limping than usual, trying to hit a flop.  Meh.

Started with 7K and at the first break I had 12K.  Not bad! 

When we were down to 2 tables, I found myself playing against the guy I split a tourney with last time I was there.   Boy did he remember me! :)

He was talking me up like he was my agent.  After 5 minutes of him telling everyone how scary I was, I was able to steal some pots and chip up.

Fast forward to the final table.  I'd been card dead for over an hour and look down at A-K.  I bet it hard and win.  Couple hands later I get A-K again and the other woman at the table jams all in.  She short stacked so I obviously must call her.  She flips over 7-7.  I hit my ace and knock her out.

Now I've played with her before.  She's an older woman and a decent player, albeit a bit too tight.  I actually feel bad about knocking her out (rare for me) so as she's leaving I say "Good game.  I had to call you, but I wanted to take the guys out, not the girls".

Then one of the big stacks says to the table "Ever notice how older women like each other?"

"Wait a minute!  Did you just call me AN OLDER WOMAN?"  I ask.

He did!

I tell the big stack that he just put a nail in his coffin.  He's my focus and he's going to be the bubble.

I shiat you not....he was the bubble!  He lost a big hand to Edward (total donk) who had Jack Ten!  Very next hand, I have.....Jack Ten....and I took his ass out with it!  Flop was jack high and he jammed.  Now this was right after I was extolling the beauty of the jack ten. 

He looked dazed and confused as he walked away.  He's a regular there, and I remember knocking him out about 6 months ago, and how he yelled and acted like a baby when it happened.  Oh well.

John was to my immediate right and a good player.  Only reason he made it to the final table is much earlier on I had him crushed while he was all in and he went runner, runner for a flush.  Ugh.  But he didn't waste those chips....he came in 2nd!

When we were heads up, I took him out in 4 hands.  I did predict I'd do it in 3, but potato, potahto.  At that point, I was doing so much trash talking it was ridiculous.  I kept predicting my win and John kept saying "Don't say that out loud, you're going to jinx  yourself!"

Of course he also kept saying that I was the luckiest person ever.  That it was all luck....getting lucky flops...blah, blah, blah.  Kind of reminded me of another John, (sparky36).  Should I have told him that I'd been card dead for over an hour?  Nah.....let him talk himself into believing it's all luck.

I did get one lucky hand though.....Remember Edward, the donk I mentioned earlier.  I do not know how he made it to the final 4 but he did.  And he SUCKED.  Just not a good player.  So we're 4 handed and I have A-8.  Edward's the short stack and the BB.  I raise and he jams all in.  I figure I'm behind but it wasn't much more to call his all in.  He flipped over A-J.

Ut oh!

Flop was 8-8-x.  Prettiest flop evar!  gg Edward!

Then I took out Joe and for last.....I took out John.  BOOM.

With a pocket full of cash, I headed over to 2-4 limit holdem and won an additional $60. 

Sugar Bear got his take! For spending Saturday night without his Mama, he pocketed $22 cash money.

Now I just have to do this again tomorrow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Oh and I gave John the url to this blog.  John if you're reading...leave a comment and tell the masses just how amazing I am at live tourney play!

Play smart bitches!



lightning36 said...

Glad to see the horseshoe is not virtual. You stood up the entire time you played? lol

Seriously -- congrats!

The Neophyte said...

WTG Josie, well done. I just got back from Derby Lane after screwing up the tourney. Played well but all it took was one hand and it was goodbye. I did make it all back up playing cash at least. But obviously I am not in Josie's league am I?

Josie said...

LOL Lightning, I know! I was thinking of you when they kept saying that at the final table. I think guys have to rationalize losing some way.

Thanks Neo....All it takes is one hand, one mistake. Been there.

KenP said...





This version of blind hogs and acorns brought to you by Very Josie

Josie said...

Ken, Wrong!!!! I was poetry in motion baby!

KenP said...

I think I love your false sense of modesty most of all. My paragon, my light, my Very Josie.

Josie said...

Mmmmm Ken your medium is words, like an artist's medium is oils.

PokahDave said...

You must be getting quite a reputation up there with the regs.....I can't wait to go one of these weekends...
I'll make sure when I do I tell you early in the week....

PokahDave said...

Oh..Congratufuckinglations by the way....

Josie said...

Pokah Dave, LOL thanks for the congrats. Just let me know when and I'll meet you there!