Thursday, February 17, 2011


Bad News.  Team Fish did not win last night.  I dunno who won but it wasn't us. 

I had a nice stack of chips until I flopped trip 9s, 7 kicker and called an all in who had trip 9s ace kicker.  Nines were my demise last night.  Jordan knocked me out when he flopped trip nines (a boat actually) against my pair of 9s.  Not good. 

The immunity bounty was on Waffles and I thought for sure his ass was mine, but it was not to be.  He wasn't at my table.  Bammer took him with his 8-8 vs Waffles' AK.  gg Waffles.  Since Bammer isn't a contestant the bounty was now on his head.  And don't forget there was a $40 bounty on Numbozo, courtesy of Heffy.  the two bounties stayed at first and second while I was in it.  Blah.

I might've been distracted by Top Chef.  I can't believe Angelo got the boot.  At this point my guess is Mikie Isabella for the win.  Nice Italian boy.

Team Fish will be back.

Play smart.



Heffmike said...

Mike's an Italian with a D.C. restaurant, but there's no way he gets past Blais/Carla/Asian Dale for the final. Antonia too, unless they all botch like Angelo did.

Frankly, I think he had to go for the sock/shoe clash that made him look like my grandpa 20 years ago.

jamyhawk said...

gg just the same

Josie said...

No way Carla's winning. She's like you....she roached to the finals but she ain't a winner. Chicken Pot Pie indeed!

Thank you are a gentleman.

KenP said...

Reality TV??? Children! Maybe I should say, "All my children."

Heffmike, time to put up the toy soldier -doll- action figure.

Josie, same goes for Betsy Wetsy!

You kick the habit and I might let you have the car this weekend.

Josie said...

Ken, Spoken like a man who's never seen Top Chef. As I say to Sugar bear, "try it before you decide you don't like it." Do that and you get a surprise.

HighOnPoker said...

I can't believe you throw a spoiler about Top Chef out there without a warning. DAMN! You just ruined my evening.

Josie said...

Jordan...lollllllllll That never occurred to me. Why did I give you my chips last night?

Josie said...

Jordan...lollllllllll That never occurred to me. Why did I give you my chips last night?