Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Messy Commute

I made it into work at 9:28am this morning, which is amazing considering all the snow.  During the commute it changed from snow to freezing pelting ice rain.  I got into work freezing AND soaking wet.  Ugh.

Sidewalks are treacherous but I decided to take the walk to Dunkin Donuts and believe it or not, the weather didn't keep the panhandlers away.  They were out there doing their thing.  A while ago I mentioned how I am a big sucker and have a hard time walking by these poor people.  I don't mean "poor" in the "have no money" sense, although I am sure that is the case.  I mean like, unfortunate, to be doing this day in and day out.

Today there were 3 peeps.  A woman who I usually see when I cross the the main through way to get to the bus station.  Today she moved to Dunkin Donuts.  Can't say I blame her, as the walk was unshoveled and I'm lucky I made it through.

So it was her and 2 dudes.  From watching them for months I've come to the conclusion that she does the lion's share of the begging and shares it with these guys.  I say it's not a bad idea, because I'd give more money to a woman than to them...regardless of the fact that all of them have the "druggie" look.  Today she greets me with a "Good morning....can you save me some change when you're leaving?"  As she says this,one of the dudes opens the Dunkin door for me.  Yeah, I came out, not with spare change, but 3 coffees and 3 egg wraps.  Mmmmm..... (actually 4 of each but I kept a set)

And now I'm here in work, and my feet are still freezing, and I'm trying to talk my boss into buying Regina's Pizza for the office.  I mean we DID risk life and limb to come in!  Besides, he can't say no to me....stay tuned....if there is free Regina pizza I'll take pics.  :)

On the way in, I was listening to my SPECIAL music on my mp3 player.  Songs that inspire me and drive me during live tourneys.  I'mma getting ready for Tonight's Very Josie.  Watch out Lightning!  Mama's coming for you.

Let's add ANOTHER bounty to tonight's mtt, shall we?  I'll throw $10 on Lightning's head.  If anyone slays THAT dragon for THIS princess*, you'll be rewarded with $10.  Why $10, when the bounty on me is $12?

Obv, I am worth more than he is. Heh.

I'll be listening to my inspirational music.....the song that goes "I'm gonna push you around.  Well I will. Yes I will"

Played badugi for the first time last night.  And I still have NO idea how to play.  I mean not a frigging clue, and that's after looking up the rules.  FML

Play smart.


* Don't ever, EVER call me a princess.  I find that more offensive than say, douche bag.


Sammi said...

Be careful out there, it is very slippery here in Brooklyn, I can only imagine how bad it is in Mass. The coffee and egg sandwiches were a great idea, I hated to walk away from beggers but being from NYC you get fed up eventually.

Josie said...

Thanks Sammi - I am sooo sick of this weather. I like SUN. The hotter the better. Preferrably poolside.

KenP said...

Sparky36 and I enjoyed watching those blizzards coming up the east coast far more than when they amble through God's counrty.

Josie said...

LOL Ken. Sparky36 LOVES me. He just doesn't know it yet.

bastinptc said...

What? Time to blog while at work and you want pizza too?

Josie said...

Heh. Yes Bastin. You have to remember that I'm very talented so I'm working AND posting.

How bout playing The Very Josie tonight? 9pm et, password is pokerbaby...

Memphis MOJO said...

Weather's bad around where I live. We had 2 inches of rain!

Does sparky36 have a chair named after him?

Josie said...

LOL Mojo - Ole Sparky is a chair I wouldn't want to sit on.

Now Mojo - go nap, so you'll be able to play the vj tonight. :)

regina said...

Hi Josie!

My name is Nick, the Marketing Coordinator for Regina Pizza! We saw your blog and would love to deliver Regina Pizza to you. If your boss won't let ya, tell him the first cheese pie is on the house!


Nicholas Ross
Marketing Coordinator
Boston Restaurant Associates
Six Kimball Lane, Suite 210
Lynnfield, MA 01940
Tel. 339.219.0466 ex. 23
Fax 339.219.0467
Mobile 781.864.5879

KenP said...

"A while ago I mentioned how I am a big sucker"

There wasn't a real need for you to have to mention that.

Josie said...

Well, well, well....Thanks Nick! You're the Regina that's in Polcari's, right?

I can be a bit persuasive so we did get pizza for the whole office...and I have pics! I'll post them when I get home.

I still want that free pizza though! I'll be in touch. :)

Josie said...

Ken, Why aren't YOU offering me free pizza?

KenP said...

No problem. Stop by!