Friday, February 4, 2011

Boston's Solution for Snow

Clicky to see this letter

KenP sent the letter above to me yesterday.  Back in 1948 Boston's Mayor sent this letter to the head of M.I.T., apparently looking for a solution for snow removal.

I got a kick out of it and sent it to the office, as more than a few of the architects here went to school at M.I.T.  One of the principals at my firm (MIT graduate) came running over.  I knew she'd love it.  She wanted to know WHERE I got it.

"Um....from a friend."

This started a "20 questions" banter.  Which friend?  How did he find it? Blah, blah,  blah.  She was asking so many because she's a PIA  TODAY is our final interview with MIT.  We want to get the job to design their new Walker Bldg.  She thought she'd BRING said letter with her, just as a laugh and ice breaker.

So anyway, here are some of my answers to her.

"An old guy from Indiana gave it to me"

"I don't know how he aquired it."

"I know him because he likes poker too"

"Nancy, just take it to the interview if you want.  It's real.  He wouldn't send a fake"

She's a lovely, sweet, VERY INTELLIGENT, architect and one of the prinicpals of the firm.  Actually, she's also my mentor, (separate post about THAT) although I've been mentoring her about getting a makeover.  She's 65 yrs old, and widowed for years, and I think it's time she gets a little "action".  As I told her, first step is removing the bun and getting a haircut.

Hmmmmm I'm getting a great idea again.

Ken and Nancy sitting in a tree, Kay, eye, ess, ess, eye, en, gee!

Ken, she's smart, she's well off, owns her own "rental property" and loves old letters! She just turned 65.  Sounds like a match made in heaven.  Except for location. Bow chicka bow wow.

Am I good at this or what? 



The Poker Meister said...

FWIW, I saw this on failblog or win.failblog. Can't remember which...

KenP said...

I am not attracted to smart women.

Want to have a drink?

Josie said...


I'm gonna say yes, cuz i have a thing for grumpy old men.

The Neophyte said...

I noticed the request came from Mayor James Michael Curley - a fine Boston politico he was. The man was elected alderman while serving time and was re-elected mayor while under federal indictment. In fact 7 months of one of his mayoral terms was spent in the pen. Yup a fine Boston politician he was.

Josie said...

@Neo LOL He was an idea man! flame thowers is starting to sound good to me.