Thursday, February 10, 2011

If You Knew Mookie...

...Who the hell is Mookie btw?  Huh?  Can anyone answer that question in a thoughtful and complete manner?

Um, I played The Mookie tonight, and I was AWESOME, if I do say so myself.  lol  Now others may comment here and tell you I was uber lucky, getting hit by the deck, stuff like that.  They are right.

TwoBlackAces was Gigli when I took him out with a 5-4.  He made a min raise and I called in the BB.  Flop was 5-4-x all spades.  I bet my 2 pair and he calls.  King on the turn and a 4 on the river.  Bing!  Full house! I bet and he jams.  Obviously I have to call here and he shows K-J of spades.  He flopped the flush. 

Maybe 20 min boy Don, who is sitting on my right calling me a luckbox (among other things) and I are in a hand with Astin.  I have 10-10 and raise, Astin calls and MiamiDonk jams all in.  Hmmmm I know this isn't good but I call!  Astin folds and says he had J-J.  MiamiDon turns over Q-Q and he's looking golden, till I hit my trip 10s on the river.  I felt so bad.  It was ugly.

I had KeepFloppin at my table and he's a riot.  Kid has 9 lives.  I dunno how many times I made him a short stack and he'd come right back....just to lose those chips to me again.  I was fucking with him for a while.  I know how he plays and he replaced Don on my right.  His type of play and his position made him the perfect target for my slow playing.

21 peeps and I stayed 2nd in chips for most of the tourney....over 2 hours.  It was down to me, NYRambler and SmBoatDrinks. (I <3 Boatdrinks!)  And even though I'm crazy bout the guy he was short stacked and jammed all in while I was holding AK.  Of course I call and I'm up against 3-3.  Fuck.  I don't improve and now all of a sudden for the first time tonight, I"m the shortstack.  I ended up effing 3rd.  Not bad, but damn, I frigging dominated the whole game, so winding up 3rd is bad.  But whatevah.  It's always down to one hand....calling that all in with A-K.  And hadn't I written recently that I'm not in love with A-K anymore?  I obv had temporary amnesia.

Props to The Real Dawn Summers for bubbling but playing a good game.  Chicks rule!

This Sunday starts Survive Donkey Island and here's an interesting little factoid: 

Julius Goat, NumbBono,and Heffmike, all on Team Donkey, didn't even make it to the final table of tonight's Mook, while SmBoatDrinks, Very Josie and The Real Dawn Summers, all from Team Fish, where 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.  Our tribe has spoken!

Remember, you can play with us Sunday night, even if you are not on Donkey Island.  It's only a $1 buy in, Lightning, so try to play.

Play smart.



Heffmike said...

Another way to look at it: we didn't shoot our wad too early. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Josie said...

Very eloquent Heff. Well said. lol

lightning36 said...

I've had a bellyful of these tournaments. Time for me to fly. Good luck.

BWoP said...

Mookie = Former poker blogger.

Winning a Mookie used to be a huge deal. He'd do a live blog during the tournament and then post a winner profile. These days, it appears that the only posts on his blog are paid advertising, but you can still scroll through to see some of the old live blogs / profiles (

Miami Don, scottmc, jjok and I attended the last Weekend at Mookie's, which was a poker / golf / grilling extravaganza. Great guy and an incredibly generous host.

We'd always make fun of Mookie because he had so many kids (6 - 5 girls and 1 boy).

I understand the reasons for his absence from the poker blogging scene, but here is probably not the best place to discuss. Miami Don or I can fill you in offline.

Josie said...

Thank u CK. I remember reading about "weekend at mookie's" years ago. glad you have fun memories.

The Poker Meister said...

Awesome playing with you all last night. I had a fun time, without a doubt. Josie - I'm a ninja with my chipstack.

Josie said...

LOL Poker meister you are TOTALLY a ninja! And a helluva lot of fun.

Josie said...

Hmmm Maybe Mook was onto something. Winner profile, huh? Good idea!