Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ut Oh!

Ever feel like your head was on the chopping block?  I kinda feel that way right now.  I just got knocked out of Game 1 of Donkey Island....during the rebuy!  I didn't click the rebuy button quickly enough cuz I was chatting and all of a sudden I was out.  OMFG!  I wanna kick my own butt for such......negligence.

Please do not vote me out.  I will win The Mookie to make up for it.

Speaking of butt kickings......Miami Don's ass needs one BAD.  Why is it that every other message from this dude is about how much he loves me, yet he played the SHITTIEST cards against me and sucked out like a $3 hooker.  Again and again.  Donnie, you just better hope I'm not at your table for the next month.  It'll take me that long to cool down.

While I'm in rant mode....Go ahead and check out  THIS VIDEO.  I somehow don't think Buddy would've shown me as a goombah and an oompah loompah if it weren't for......

I blame YOU.

I'm going to bed.


PS....So like I was saying...please don't vote me out!  I have made skills.  I can build a fire!

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