Monday, February 28, 2011

Stayin' Alive!

It's 1:40am and I just finished preparing for an 8:30am managment meeting.  When I take work home on Friday afternoon, I always have the best  intentions of doing it, say Saturday morning.....certainly Sunday morning!  And yet.....even though I knew Survivor Donkey Island was happenin' Sunday night, I still left it till the last minute.

Speaking of Survivor.....

I lost.



I started out so good too.  As Hoy pointed out, I had (2) Very Josie's in the top ten of a field of about 80.  Not too shabbay.  My demise was calling a few all ins.  Even though my calls were good - people (LIKE BAYNE) his their shitty cards and i doubled them up.  Dumb!  No reason to risk Mama's chips.  I have a hard time throwing away those good hands, dammit!

I played pretty well considering Miami Don heckled me the whole night.  Dammit, but the man just wouldn't stop.  Below is an example (certainly not an exaggeration) of what I was treated to for a couple of hours.

Miami Don:  "Mr. Joe C. is a luck box.  Lucky Girl.  I love you but you limped.  NO LIMPING ALLOWED.  I will fuck over anyone who limps.  You won with the best hand, how fucking dare you?  You luck box.  No Limping!  No Raising!  No Folding!  Whatever you do, I'll call you a luck box!  But I love you!  Girl, you know I love you, right?  I can believe you fucking called with that shit.  I love you though.  Love you, you play like shit, I love you, you play like shit.  Wolfie, I'll hunt you down for defending this girl you have a hardon for."

Wolfie:  "MD You've got it wrong.  I don't have a hardon for her.  Disregard the drool all over the floor and the tent in my pants.  That's just a side effect from my medication."

I only wish I was exaggerating....

Oh and there was a good 5 minute discussion about my testicles.  Good thing I love these guys.

So after listening to all that, I limped in first position with KK while Miami Don was the big blind.  4 people limped in after me and I knew Donnie wouldn't allow me to limp.  He jammed all in!  I did too and everyone else folded.  He turned over 10-9 and gg Don.

Too bad I couldn't hold onto the chips.  I played for a couple of hours and played meh.  Out 12th.  I always chip up early and them lose them to coin flips.  Blah.

My biggest demise was jamming AQ into SmBoatDrinks' AK.  Darn it!  I gave up half my stack doing that for no good reason.  I played a little too aggressively tonight and it hurt me.

I must say I much preferred the multi entry game to a rebuy.  Alot of fun. 

As the title says, I'm still alive.  We voted off The Real Dawn Summers tonight.  Booooo.  I wish we kept our team a little stronger going into the merge.  This Wednesday is the last game with team play.  After Wednesday we are all individual spear carriers looking to survive.  So we'll all be up for elimination unless immunity is had.

Should be very interesting.

Oh and props to Jordan who played really well tonight.  It seemed whenever we were both in hand he had the best one.  Nice frigging playing dammit.

Jamyhawk still sucks.  Nothing new there. :)

Bayne is still the Bayne of my existence.  Fucker gets in bad and wins, gets in good and wins.  Didn't you have to work tonight Bayne? 

Now here's what I'm thinking.....Wednesday's time for me to get famous.  Thinking about making an appearance on BDR  - Buddy Dank Radio.  Buddy does a live radio show while the Survivor game is going on.  If you want to hear the melifluous sound of my voice - live while I'm playing poker, you have to tune into Buddy Dank Radio.  Do I have a Boston accent?  You decide.  Wednesday night.  Listen in while I swear at Goat, Jordan, and JamyHawk.

Ugh, it's 2am now.  Hitting the hay, only to wake up in 4 1/2hrs.  Mama's gonna be tired all day, and going to bed early Monday night.  Booooo..

Play smart, or Miami Don will verbally abuse you and then tell you he loves you.  Now I know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship. :)



Bayne_S said...

I think the AQ you called off half your stack with was a bit of a dog to my AA

Josie said...

Ya I know. You win in good once, but had twice. like I said, a hard time throwing away good cards.

The Neophyte said...

Yeah but at least you burned his bed when you were done.

JT88Keys said...

So is this Wednesday's Very Josie off because you have a Survivor game to play?

Josie said...

JT, The Very Josie is on this Wednesday!!! I can multitask!

More info to come!

jamyhawk said...

You're still a wannabe.

Just admit you wish you were on Team Donkey and be done with it.

Josie said...

Jamy! OMFG - Yeah, like I like you. Lead around by the nose by Goat. He's calling all the shots and you are a pawn. Mebbe you didn't know this? You're gonna find out really soon. :P

PokahDave said...

That is what has been missing from the bloggaments! MiamiDon! You should get a copy of the Vegas show that they did a few nights before the '07 winter classic. It was epic.

Josie said...

Heh. I'd pay cash money to see that!

Donnie, you know I love you!

Wolfshead said...

Send me those hallucenogenics you are on girl, I'll forget all about my wrist.

Josie said...

Wolfie baby, you love me and you know it!

Anonymous said...

I had fun, lots of fun.

All in good spirit though Joe C.

Maybe next time I'll pick on somebody else, there are so many fun targets. You though Joe C are a good sport.

Love you too baby.

Josie said...

Heh - You made the night the blast. Love playing with you.

Josie said...


Wolfshead said...

Sorry Joe, you are just wishfully thinking. Maybe Don does

BVUGrad2003 said...

Why isn't the Very Josie part of this grand Survivor tournament you are a part of??

SirFWALGMan said...

There is some weird Italian Love-Hate Abuse thing going on here...