Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SURVIVE Donkey Island

Overplay? Overbet? Overcall?  Sounds like the perfect game for me!

Oh my God.  I may not have mentioned this but I am a huge Survivor fan.  I have one word for you.  JAMES.  omg....Didja see the episode where he was all oiled up?  Wow. 

This game is just like that!  Except there are no hulk like black men. Although who knows? I mean, I've never met Hoyazo.....who btw is on my team!  Yay me!

Wanna see the teams?

Team Fish
Very Josie - Knock her out and you'll sleep with the fishes...not like sleep with her cuz she's on team fish and she's slutty  - more like a mafia term. :) 
AlCan'tHang - Ever hear of this guy?  I met him.  All I kept thinking was "Damn, I wish I had his hair".
Hoyazo - Hoyazo and me - Final two.  I figure that's the only way I'll get people's votes. :)  I kid!
The Real Dawn Summers - Chicks Rule!  If you've watched any Survivor, you'd know this.  Watch out.
Riggstad - Hey baby! Long time no chat.  Every time I do a poker screen shot I think of Riggs.  He taught me how. I <3 Riggs.
SmBoatDrinks - I will be having large boat drinks during these games.
Xkm1245 - Hey Xkm.....Do not vote out the Sicilian teammate!

Okay, now for the BAD GUYS.....

Team Donkey
High on Poker
Jamy Hawk
Julius Goat

Damn, Team Donkey looks stacked pretty good, hugh?  Ouch!  Although every time I see Julius Goat in a Mookie he's out early.  So there's THAT. :)

For those of you who live under a rock and don't know the rules of SURVIVE Donkey Island, I'll note some of the main ones here.

We're split into 2 teams, obv.  Whoever wins the tourney....that person's team doesn't have to vote someone off, but the other team does.  For example, I win the first game so Team Donkey has to vote someone out of their own team.  And so on and so on, until there is a merge and there are no longer teams.  We're playing individually.  Now whoever wins the tourney gets immunity and everyone else is susceptible to being voted off.  Who ever gets the most votes is out of there!

We'll keep playing and voting people off until there are only 2 left.  Then all the people knocked out vote for either one until there is one person who SURVIVES DONKEY ISLAND.

Pretty cool, huh?

But don't get me wrong, there won't be just us teams playing.  Anyone can play with us!  Play whenever you want!  Knock out someone from Team Donkey and I'll send you a pic of my boobs.  (I kid!)

Game info is below.  Actually we'll be playing twice per week - Sunday nights, as noted below, as well as The Mookie on Wednesday nights.  Yes, The Mookie will be part of Donkey Island! 

Survive Donkey Island 001

Full Tilt Poker
$1 + $1 Rebuy
February 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive

Odds of me offending someone and getting voted off early are in direct correlation to the odds of more snow coming.  Shit!!!  Come watch the carnage!


Don't forget that tomorrow night is The Very Josie!  Wednesday night just got fun!

Wednesday Night, 9pm ET.
Tourney # 214827634
Password is pokerbaby

Need more incentive to play The Very Josie?  Knock me out and I'll ship you your buy in back.  $11 bounty on Miss Josie, plus winner of the tourney gets a free T-shirt.  Real men wear pink.
Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

Simply gotta get me one of those tee shirts. If it's too pink, then a pack of dye from Krogers!

Josie said...

Mojo, it's not THAT pink. It's actually black with a pink square in the middle - it'll look great! After you win it, please send me a photo of you wearing it! lol Notice I have no doubt that you will....so long as you play.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, now you've jinxed me!