Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worst Night Evar

Last. Night. Sucked.

I don't even want to talk about it, but I suppose I should. This isn't going to be a long post because it's torture!

To make a long story short we played 3 games and I lost them all. Not only did I lose them all, but I was out of the last game on the third hand! Repeatedly, I was up against Noodles and repeatedly he beat me.

Over and over again.

I'd have the best hand and bet hard, trying to get him to fold, but Noodles doesn't have a fold button AND I KNOW THAT, but I kept trying anyway. Know where that got me? Getting rivered more times than I care to count.

Then I became super cautious. When Noodles and I were in a hand he'd push all in with his big stack, and I'd fold the winning hand. Probably did THAT 3-4 times.

All night - either call and lose, or fold the winning hand.

The last game, as I mentioned, I was out on the third hand. I appealed to the table that I should get to rebuy and they agreed. So I buy-in again and I'm back in the game.

The first hand I get after the re-buy is pocket 8's! Shit! You know how I like to play pocket 8's! I don't want to get booted on my first hand back yet I want to play it right. I have a feeling the table thinks I'm steaming but regardless, I raise to 4 times the big blind.

Everyone folds but Noodles. He re-raises big. Damn it! The raise scares me but I just doubled him up and he just loves to give away his chips, so I call.

Now I have about half my new stack in the pot with pocket 8's.

Flop is 10, 9 3. Normally, Fearless Josie ALWAYS does a continuation bet but I've just bought back in, it's my first hand, and there are two over cards to my pair.

I check (showing weakness unfortunately). Noodley Noodles goes all in. Bastard. I don't blame him. Like I said, by checking I'm showing weakness and even if he loses he still has oodles of (noodles) and chips.

What to do?

I show and fold my 8's and rabbit hunt. Noodles had A-K. No more over cards on the turn or river. Had I called I would've doubled up. Had I gone all in, I also would've doubled up. (there is no way in hell noodles would've laid down his A-K. Remeber, no fold button.)

So I'm short stacked again and I get blinded down to almost nothing. I get A-8 and have to go all in. Really pisses me off. I hate Ace Rag yet I'm betting the farm on it. Up against a pair and I need an ace. Do I get it? Nope! I'm out.

Like I said it sucked!

Other items worthy of note:

1. Jew Boy came in the money every time - I think he got a first place, a split and a second place - something like that.

2. Since Cindy wasn't there I tried to include Jew Boy deep throating a banana as part of a side bet. Of course with the understanding that there'd be pictures - but he wouldn't bite.

3. There was so much Josie cleavage going on, even Jew Boy couldn't call me flat chested. Not that the cleavage helped! Next week I'm playing in my warm pajamas and slippers. Might as well be comfy.

I need a game plan for next week.

Either I don't go into any pots when Noodles is in or I go back to my old "Gus Hansen" mode, where I play just about any hand. Either way I have to mix it up a little.

Any ideas on how to approach next week's game?

Play Smart.



Gary said...

Jo, kudos to you for being honest about your night of ignominy. I especially liked the last game, where you went out in the third hand, and we adopted a rule that allows for buy-ins so you could play some more. I think I'll call that "the Josie rule."

But if I'm going to be completely honest I should mention that at least three times she went in with the best of it, only to be torpedoed, usually by Noodles.

Another night of a lot of laughs at Josie manor. What would I do without Wednesday night poker??

-Jew Boy

dbcooper said...

We all have nights like yours. You know you played the way you usually do(except for the continuation on the 8's) It just didn't happen for you. I remember going home from tournaments swearing I hated poker, never play again etc. Of course back the next game. You need something to put Noodles on tilt. For some reason the low cut top didn't work.

Josie said...
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OES said...

hehehehehe okayyyy. So. Let's see here. To be nit picky, continuation bets are only accurate if you were the last person to raise preflop. Soooo, since u got RERAISED, u did the right thing in checking. I would like the move if u had something good because u know that noodley would be raising regardless if he knows poker. So check/raising would be loovely if u hit the flop.

You were tilting. Eff the night and think about playing in ultimate comfort. I also own playing in my slippers and pj's.