Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Once again, blame EVP

Think you're a good poker player?

Good enough to beat Very Josie?

I'm going to set up a private tournament on Full Tilt - we'll only be playing against each other. The tourney can be from 6 players to 60. Once it's set up, I'll post the password here so all Very Josie readers can play if they choose to.

Small buy-in, so no excuses please.

We shall see if EVP can play against me and win. Believe me EVP, you won't be the first guy to walk away frustrated. :)

More info to come!

Play smart - you better if you're playing against me.



evpjm said...


I'm kind of liking the Blame game. Let's see......What will the prize be to beat Josie????? A few extra bucks and a chance to have some bragging rights???? Sounds good but I might need to make it a bit more interesting. I think I read somewhere you like side bets???? I'll have to think about that one. So are you kicking me out of the Sat night game already? How exactly are you going to prove that you are playing, baking a cake, and painting your nails all at the same time???? You have alot of questions to answer. Fustrated??? Nope, I've lost a few battles here and there but I don't usually lose the war.

Josie said...

I was kidding about the cake and nails, but I actually COULD do my nails during the tourney - I can take before and after pics.

Side bets - all I can say is sure, but proceed with caution, cuz you're gonna lose!

Kicked out - maybe - I'm still doing that cleansing diet so I'm in a baaaaaad mood. It ends this Sunday.

And FYI - it would be interesting to see if anyone would get bragging rights. I have a feeling it'd be me - and I already brag alot!

Memphis MOJO said...

Can a nitty old man join the tournament, too?

Josie said...

Yes Memphis! That'd be great! I've been reading your blog and you really know what you're doing...I'd love to play against you.

Josie said...

@memphis - I kind of skip over all the bridge posts in your blog though. :)

I never learned how to play bridge and wonder if it's like wist. I've played that alot years ago and really enjoyed it.

Gary said...

not like this was ever in doubt, but count me in. Every table needs a little Hebraiety!