Sunday, March 7, 2010

Part One: What happened at the poker game, besides poker

Usually when I play Lynne's cash game, it's about 10 players, 6-7 black men and a few women. Now I'm no super model but all of these guys are almost as interested in me as in the money....some even more so (see Nip story). Other than Mr. Nip they're all respectful but very complimentary. One guy, Rufus, always asks me who I like best. He says that the name Rufus is the name that comes to my mind - he can tell. LOL of course I agree. Troy calls me Pretty Woman. Says he's sick of girls and needs a Pretty Woman. He's gotta be in his twenties.

Last night was nothing like that, although I arrived in a sheer low cut white t-shirt with a red victoria's secret pushup bra showing through. When I arrived there was still some hard feelings about the tournament that was just played.

Junior, who's about six foot five, felt this other guy did him wrong and "played him" and got him out of the tourney. Man was he pissed. So much so, that he wouldn't play the cash game with this guy, and me by default. And Junior loves me. One night I took about $60 from him personally while he was flirting trying to find out my age. I'm sure this kid's about 25 years old. I just kept saying I was very old and think of me as his aunt, lol. From then on it was "Auntie, you can't be that much older than me, can you?"

So I try the "Junior dontcha wanna play with Auntie?" Nope! He's too pissed so he's leaving and taking Troy with him. Troy's playing and I end up playing a few hands with my boy Troy, but I'll get to the actual poker in a bit.

Troy says he'll go to the club with Junior and he'd rather find a girl than play poker anyway. I've won a ton of money off these guys and I'm still trying to keep them in the game so I say "Troy, it'll be midnight when you get there. All the good girls will be taken." He says "I ain't looking for no good girl!" True enough.

Junior's pissed because he and this guy Brian were the chip leaders and within 5 minutes he was out of the tournament. Junior got pocket aces, made a big raise and Brian called. Flop is K-K-Q. Junior bets big and Brian re-raises all in. Junior puts Brian on trip Kings, shows his AA and folds. Brian shows his AQ and Junior flips out. Junior says that if Brian is ever in a pot with him again Junior's automatically going all in. Very next hand Brian gets QQ and smooth calls. It gets to Junior who goes all in. Brian instacalls and shows his QQ. Junior had K5, didn't catch anything and really flips out this time. Said Brian played him, and I think he almost took a swing at him. He's usually so sweet and nice! Even when he loses.

So even though I get to play a few hands with my boys, they soon all leave! And I'm looking around at the table of all white mushy Irish faces. Brian and his buddies - guys I haven't played with before, and nobody gave these guys the memo that I'm supposed to be worshipped! WTF! If anything, they keep joking about blowing each other. Great! Good thing half my boobs are hanging out of my see through t-shirt. Sheesh.

Play Smart.



Gary said...

Wow. Junior needs to chill out about eighty degrees. Yes he got played, but nothng outside standard poker strategy. He should redirect his anger and frustration toward humself; he wasn't the better player and he lost.

dbcooper said...

Brian's big mistake was showing his AQ (which put Junior on major tilt) or was it?? Now Junior will always think that Brian is pulling one and might make a call when he actually has the set. Why is it only blacks and lesbians??? Sorry had to ask and since your neither (well at least I think not) how do you fit in.

Josie said...

@gary, you're right but no one was going to tell him that. He looked like a bull about to charge.

Josie said...

@db: I played in a tourney back in september and wound up next to lynne. She and i chatted, hit it off and she told me that she has games at her house and invited me. She also told me she was married to a woman named June. Good for her - I thought nothing of it. I showed up at her house for a game, and all the guys but one were black and all the women were unattractive and masculine. LOL One woman invited me on a cruise, one whispered to me that her girlfriend was in the other room. that's when it dawned on me they thought i was gay! I AM NOT. But it was alot of fun. all the women dont know how toplay and the black guys are sharks. they all are in bowling leagues together and have been friends for years. working on the part 2 right now, btw.

Memphis MOJO said...

If Junior can't take being bluffed out of a pot, he needs to take up tiddlywinks, lol.

Josie said...

Junior is a very good player. Only a good player can dump A-A. But yeah, you can't fault a guy for playing right!