Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all EVPM's fault

I've been thinking of going to the Seabrook Poker Room again! A nice, juicy, LIVE tournament with at least 50 players is what I want to play.

In my head I've been recapping the last few times I've played there, and as best as I can recall here's the history.

I won first place in a $150 tournament. Winnings totalled $1,800 and I wrote about the whole shebang. You can read about it in my February 2010 archives.

I won first place in a small tournament. $100 buy-in. It was a very snowy night and not that many guys showed up. I think we had like 30 people. It was down to three of us; me, another woman, and a guy who was the chip leader. I told you everyone who plays there know each other right? Because it was so slow in there that night we had some railbirds watching (guys that knew the chipleader). And once it was down to the three of us, they taunted him mercilessly. Damn, for the life of me, I cannot remember his name, but let's call him Bob.

"Bob, you're playing in the Ladies Event?"

"Bob, I didn't know you had a vagina!"

"Bob, you aren't gonna be beaten by one of these women are you?"

Of course I found this HILARIOUS, but him not so much.

He was the chip leader and us chicks, we were shortstacked. At this point the blinds were pretty big, so I kept attacking the other woman's big blind. She was tight and it really helped me alot but aggravated Bob. At one point he blurted out "Jesus Christ, can't you see she's stealing the blinds?" So the NEXT time I did it, I had a great hand (i don't remember what it was) and took her out.

Heads up baby! Going into heads up I was still shortstacked and for once it was me bringing up a split. The guy refused. I said "This is the only time for the offer. Once I double up, the offer to split is off the table." "Fine" was his answer. Then I said, "When you lose THE LADIES EVENT, you're buddies are gonna torture you. We should split. I'm thinking of you." He laughed and said NO.

So I doubled up. Then I doubled up AGAIN. Then it got interesting....we played for almost an hour after that, and yes I won. I have never seen a man win second place and look THAT MISERABLE. I'm sure the taunting from his friends didn't help. I actually called Hurricane Mikey during that last hand to tell him I won AGAIN. Woo hoo! Not a ton of money...I think about $650 but certainly a ton of fun.

BIG Event. $200 buy-in and alot of players. I don't remember how many, but I DO remember that first place was about $4,000. This was the only time I played an event in Seabrook where the buy-in was that much! But I was feeling confident (then again I ALWAYS feel confident) and thought what the hell. I knew this would take all day, and for me, giving up an entire day off from work(spending it in a poker room), is almost as painful as paying the $200.

When I sat down at the table the dealer announced "Tournament winner at the table. Hi Josie." WTF! I barely recalled this dealer! I think the dealer was sending a message to his buddies playing at the table. I dunno if that helps or hurts but early on I was the chip leader. And as Jew Boy has said many times over the years...."Don't give IT chips. It only gets stronger when it gets chips."

Yup, got'em early on and added to them. Guys from the other tables would swing by occasionally to check my very big stack. Played for hours and hours.

Finally a break, and then final table. Been playing for 6-7 hrs. 10 places in the money. Everyone at the final table is winner, although 10th place gets you $210...a net of ten bucks. Not MY problem though....going into the final table Very Josie is the chip leader!

And guess who's sitting to my left at the final table? Yup! BOB!!!!

I greet him in my sweet way: "We played together in the Ladies Event, right?" Laughter ensues. I shake his hand and say something sincere this time.

Okay, a couple of hands into it and I get A-Q Diamonds. I make a good raise and get one call. Flop is Q-J-10 with two diamonds. I bet pot (and there's alot in the pot...blinds and antes are huge plus I raised).

The guys thinks about it and goes all in!

I DO NOT think about it and insta-call. Did I ask how much he had in chips? NO! All I know is I'm the chip leader!

Big fucking deal.

Turns out he's 2nd in chips, and oh did I mention that he has big slick and has made BROADWAY?


Now I'm praying for a diamond. And no, that prayer wasn't answered.

After playing for SEVEN hours I give this guy most of chips and find myself shortstacked. My own stupid fault for not taking the time to think about what he had, cardwise and chipwise.

A few hands later, I go all in and lose. Out 10th. I won $210.....really 10 bucks.

And if I live to be 100 I'll never forget how I threw that tournament away.

Take it from me....

Play Smart.



evpjm said...


When I read the title I thought you went out last night and blew your winnings at a table. Glad that didn't happen. So what exactly am I getting blamed for? A long post? If so, I'll take the blame. I enjoyed the read. Isn't one of those stories something I read on Mikey's blog? I'm pretty sure it was because it's what got me over to your blog the first time. As confident as you are, I appreciate the ups and downs at the tables you write about. Ok, so now I'll have to come up with something else to light your fire.

Josie said...


Sorry I left a letter out of your name! I think I'll go with Ev in the future (which is my all time fav name btw)

It's your fault that I'll be going back to Seabrook in the very near future! We'll see just how much you cost me! (only kidding)

I did go one other time since what I wrote. It was a $70 tourney and I was doing fine....a guy slow played pocket kings..I raise with AA and of course he calls. Flop is K-2-4, and when he went all in, well I jumped with him. Figured he had big slick. Trip kings never dawned on me. Ugh.

Josie said...

Oh Ev, you're right. Mikey's been nice enough to share one or two of my tales on his blog. He rocks!

I called him during that last hand, just to alleve any doubts (not that he had any) that I'd won again.

evpjm said...

Hey Josie,

No problem, you can call me anything you want as long as you call(I think that's how it goes). The EVP is actually my postion at work. So I'm sure that's not your favorite name but the EV works fine. So where's the confidence when you go to Seabrook? I'm sure you will be fine, just don't get impatient. Wait for the hands to come, pick your moments to bluff, and hopefully you get in with the best hand. Nothing you can do about it then if some gets lucky. Another Helmuth quote "if luck wasen't a factor, I'd win every time".

Josie said...

Ev, EVAN is actually my favorite name, but you have me wondering what an EVP is! (everyone loves poker). I love anagrams but I can't turn that one into a position. (elevated value programmer?)

Having patience is the hardest part of the game for me...but I'm gonna try!

Josie said...

It just dawned on me....executive vice president?

evpjm said...


Your last thought was correct. Also, I don't have much Patience either. You mentioned Alcohol the other day. That makes me more impatient.

dbcooper said...

Sounds like you have good success there. Go get em Josie!!

Josie said...

@evp - I'm not sure alcohol effects me in a negative way during a game - but it's a moot point for now. Today is day 1 of a 13 cleansing diet - no alcohol or hardly anything else, for that matter for 12 more days!

@coop - thanks. last time I went I DID lose a $70 tourney after a great start (see a comment on this post for the recap of that)

Memphis MOJO said...

I've been thinking of going to the Seabrook Poker Room again!

Well, GL if you go.

Josie said...

Thanks Memphis!

I'm THINKING bout going this Saturday....but I promised my friend I'd make her son's birthday cake...party is Sunday, so we'll see if I can do both.

He wants a basketball cake...