Friday, March 5, 2010

Jew Boy

Oh where to begin? Let's start with the nickname. Jew Boy. Seems kinda mean doesn't it? It won't when I tell you what name he gave me. It's Douche Bunt, which is a combination of douche bag and please do not feel sorry for Jew Boy. Yes, my nickname's been abbreviated to DB, but still.

Most everyone at the weekly table has been christened with a nickname - Jew Boy was one of the last to get one, and know it wasn't very creative.

I've played with Jew Boy for about 10 years and he's a very good poker player and my biggest competition at the little weekly game. He's come far in the past few months, whether he realizes it or not.

Funny thing about Jew Boy is he's played horribly for like the past year - no patience, too much bluffing and them something life changing occurred. He quit his job. Since then his poker play has done a 180. He ALWAYS used to be out of the tourney first and would be strumming a guitar - background music for my winning. But now he's won for like the past 3 times we've played. I dunno if it's because the tiny buy-in is more precious now that he's unemployed or if it's because he's just a happier player, but there is a significant difference.

This is a guy who'd always raise with K-4, K-5...and you know what that got him? No respect, that's what. I'd call him on it over and over again - and I think he's learned that it isn't the greatest thing on earth. I've even told him all of his tells and man at one point it was like he was holding up a sign saying "I've got shit, call me".

I LOVE live poker and tells are a big part of my success, but I think they deserve a separate post of their own.

It's a hard table to play at because they don't really know how to play. Odds are if you go all in, you're gonna get called and sucked out on. But it's fun and that's the bottom line.

I cannot tell you how many times I've gone all in or called an all in from Noodles, having the best hand, just to get sucked out on the river.

Anyway Jew Boy considers us equals in the poker playing department and I, with all modesty, do not. Jew Boy won't play in my monthly tourney at the sportman's club, won't play at the L&BM tourney, won't play at the seabrook poker room. These are all places where there is real money on the line. He's won at the sportsman's club in the past - but that was years ago, back when he was better than me.

And if poker winnings are factored in determining who the best player is, well I think I have him beat there too. Beaten like a red-headed step child.

*Editor's Note: This post represents me trying to be nice and tactful. I swear! Good thing I was making the effort!


dbcooper said...

After reading what douche bunt stands for I never will feel sorry for a cute nickname like Jew boy!!! Too funny. Oh and my DB doesn't stand for douche bunt.

Josie said...

LOL, exactly DB! And I'm probably the sweetest person you'd every meet, unless there's a game to be won.

OES said...

Oh goodness. I would love to play with Jew Boy.

I actually live in MA too and have played at Seabrook a few times actually taking down a tournament there. <3 Seabrook and degenerate gamblers.

Josie said...

Maybe I'll see you at seabrook sometime. jew boy says he'll go down for the day, now that his days are free. If I DO see you down there, there's gonna be side bet on who lasts longer! Heh.

OES said...

I'll atleast have more chips from the extra big blinds I'm saving by not betting hard on my pocket pairs ;)