Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Official!

We're heading to Seabrook tomorrow!

Yes, it's YOUR fault EVP! Of course, I plan on winning so maybe "fault" isn't the right word.

Jew Boy's going too! Anyone wanna place bets on who lasts longer, Jew Boy or me??

Yeah, I'm super competitive and love to trash-talk. I can't help it. It's in my nature.

There are 4 tourney's on Saturday:

1pm $200 buyin, with a $50 bounty
4pm $70 buy in
7pm $100 buy in

I really would love to play the 1pm tournament, but there are downsides. The big buy-in for one, and also you remember what happened the only other time I played a $200 buy in right? (I won ten bucks) The big upside is the BOUNTY. I LOVE a bounty and usually the bounties payoff in my favor.

But alas, it's not to be, this weekend. I can deal with losing $70, and quite frankly, I plan on leaving there ahead.

Even if I lost that tourney, there's a limit cash game there. It's easy enough to win $70 at the cash game. Only problem is I don't enjoy playing it - but hey, I've done things I don't enjoy before. (don't ask)

So the 4pm $70 tourney it is.

I'll ask again, who do you think's gonna last longer? A kinda smart guy from Rhode Island with a ponytail or a Sicilian wunderkind genius who's also very modest?

Play smart.



evpjm said...


So for my sake you better kick butt and come home a winner. So When does the "it's my fault thing" expire? I've known you through here for 5 minutes and I've noticed it dosen't take much to get you to play a few hands. Anyway,I just checked the Vegas Sports book and Josie your a 3-1 Favorite to last longer than JB.
So who am I to argue. I'll also mention that Vegas has odds on JB chasing straights all day and it pays double if he gets a 3-4 diamonds in the Hole. So good luck and have some fun. Also, in reference to your "Don't ask" I think it would be fun to ask.

dbcooper said...

Okay I won't ask.......... Though I really want to. HMMMM.... Good luck to both of you. Tell Jew boy sorry but my gut says you....

Gary said...

I believe the word you're looking for is "wunderkind." That was probably not the best place to misspell a word to make that particular point.

Off to the K of C $30 buyin NLH tourney! Wish me luck everybody!

Josie said...

@evp, LOL you're a riot.

It's no longer your fault after this trip is done. Haven't been there in a couple of months so I'm due anyway.

And you're right - it takes very little to get me in the game - not that there's much in the way of games around here.

We'll save the don't ask story for a rainy day.

Josie said...

Thanks Coop - Gut instinct - that's a good sign!

Going to play tight/aggressive and see what happens.

Josie said...

@gary, yup typo. I meant wunderkind.

Memphis MOJO said...

Ask? Ask what? GL to both of you!

Gary said...

Truth to tell I have had zero success in Seabrook; not a single thin dime has come my way. I'd probably bet on Josie for last longer myself.

I'm feeling charitable (and I could use some good karma) so I'll say something nice about Auntie Josie: she can take a table full of strangers and make them all love her in 20 minutes flat. She can insult them, deride them, even physically strike them, but they all end up just as pleased as punch to lose to her. It's the damndest thing.

Josie said...

Thanks Memphis!

That was nice of you Jew Boy! I kinda know what you mean....too bad it only happens at the poker table, not in like the other 99% of my time.

Here's hoping we split AGAIN.