Tuesday, March 9, 2010

funny shit about Jew Boy

1. Decades ago Jew Boy fell and broke both of his wrists at once. He had casts from fingertips to elbows and didn't have use of his hands. He couldn't shower, he couldn't eat, he couldn't wipe his fanny. The part that tickles me most is he didn't have a girlfriend at the time. Guess what else he couldn't do?

2. Jew Boy's mom used to serve food on an upside down frisbee, because the lip of the frisbee would hold any drippings. LOL

3. For some reason Jew Boy's brother left a bong on the lawn. His father came into the house yelling "There's a hookah on the lawn". Jew boy thought he meant a "Hooker" and came running out to see her.

That ends our adventure with crazy Jew Boy!


dbcooper said...

Is starting to feel sorry for poor Jew Boy

Josie said...

DB, you can't start feeling sorry for him! He calls me.....FLAT CHESTED at least once during EVERY poker game!

Are you starting to feel sorry for me yet? :)

Gary said...
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