Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creepy Ending to Previous Story

That's minor league pitcher Tommy Hottovy. I don't think he's made it to the major league yet.

Soo every night, I'd sneak away for an hour of black jack and win a few hundred bucks. All these casinos/hotels are on the boardwalk and they have this whaddayacallthem's on the boardwalk. I think they're called pedi-cabs, which are men pushing you in a giant baby stroller (for lack of a better visual).

One night it's well past 11pm, my baby boy, who's 11 yrs old is sound asleep. I decide to go to a casino that is about a 10 minute walk away from us, to play black jack.

It's about 2am and I decide to call it a night. Actually I'd call it a very profitable night - the best I had. I brought $200 with me and now I have about $1,500 cash on me and Atlantic City is not the safest city in the US, if you catch my drift.

I'm there alone and I'm not too concerned about the walk back to the hotel because it's all on the boardwalk and I decide I'll take a pedi-cab. Great idea, right?


Those things crowd the boardwalk all day but not one was in sight at 2:30am. Shit!

I go back into the casino to decide what to do. 5 minutes later I think "aw fuck it. I'll hustle and do that 10 minute walk in 5 minutes."

So I exit the casino and a guy starts following me. Super paranoia sets in and I wonder if he's followed me from the window where I cashed my chips in.

Now he starts talking/shouting as I keep walking faster and faster. He's asking me if I won I want to go to a party....I never turn my head or drop my stride but I'm freaking out inside.

I'm at a trot and so is he....not another soul on the boardwalk till I see a homeless (looking) man up ahead. I walk right up to him and ask him to escort me back to my hotel, which he does.

The guy following me FINALLY gives up. I gave my escort $20 and ran to the elevator with my heart pounding.

But enough about that, don't I have a great tan in THIS spring training picture?

I cut the minor leaguer out of the photo, because really, it's all about me.



dbcooper said...

I can imagine what kind of Party that guy wanted you to go to. You were lucky nothing happened...

Josie said...

It was scarier than I could verbalize.