Thursday, March 25, 2010

What would you like first? Good News or Bad?

Let's start with the bad news!

At our Wednesday night game, Noodles trounced us again. Jew Boy and I did a helluva lot of losing, which resulted in him being down $11 and me being down $14.

I told you the stakes weren't high! To lose that much money means you've pretty much lost all night.

Noodles needs to be stopped!

Okay that's the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is Jew Boy has graciously offered to be my first Guest Blogger. There was a very interesting hand (3 way all in) that he won and he will be elaborating on it. (oh I cannot want to comment!)

Ummmm other news, we watched Ace Rag get beaten over and over again. I think it lost 5 out of 7 times (i was keeping track)

My fave hand (you know what it is) won 4 out of 6 times.

That's all for now.

Play smart.


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