Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't want to talk about it

but I lost EVERY game again. Only 4 players including Very Josie, which just isn't enough, but enough said about that.

It's after midnight....almost 12:30 actually and I should be in bed. Work starts at 8:30 am and it's going to be a day full of prepping for meetings and attending meetings.

I'm going to bed.

Play Smart.



evpjm said...

Hey Josie,

I came over from Mikey's Blog because I enjoy the poker posts. I have had a chance to read a few of your posts and like what I'm reading. So keep up the posts and i'll keep reading. Plus I like the fact that your in Boston and have the same situations trying to find games that I do. (I'm in NY) and no I'm not a Yankee fan. I hate the Yankees. We are also in the same age group so I can relate. So have fun and I'll look forward to more posts.

John From NY

Josie said...

Thank you John!

Your comment pleases me very much. Plus you're not a Yankee fan so you're okay in my book.

As I've said to my son since he was a toddler..."We don't hate ANYONE except the Yankees."

It IS damn hard finding a decent game to play around here. You've inspired me. That's gonna be the subject of my next post.

dbcooper said...

They play baseball in Boston??? Ha Ha.. Not to worry I hate the Yankees too.Don't hate me but I am a Bluejay fan only because they are Canada's only team... That's the only reason I cheer for them.

Josie said...

I don't mind the Blue Jays. Roger Clemens used to be a Jay!

I haven't told you about my bad experience with Canadians though. I know only one and she's.....crazy.

Josie said...

My meeting with LFP (least fav person) is in one hour. I was being fair and giving her some reports early (and I didn't have to) and what did she do...sent an email to a bunch of people including the owner that lectured me on how I should be doing something (that I don't do). I WAS going to be nice, but the gloves are off! The bitch is toast.

dbcooper said...

We want all the details