Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did Jew know this?

Jew Boy and I have been playing poker together for a long time, and the thing about Jew Boy and me is we're a wee bit competitive. The other guys at the table get to listen to us argue and one up each other.

For the longest time the argument was "I'm smarter than you are!" Jew boys can be so immature! Anyway, needed to find a way to determine who, in fact was the smarter.

Our first idea was to take an online IQ quiz. That should settle thing fairly easily, right? Not so much. Jew Boy took the test TWICE.

I don't remember our exact numbers (this was years ago)but I remember that mine was onefortysomething. One of Jew Boys results was lower than mine and one was higher.

You can't take the same IQ test twice! No Fair!

For some reason I decided that I would try to join Mensa. Mensa is the "High IQ Society". The word Mensa actually means table. Their intent is that all these geniuses would gather "at one table" and I dunno what.

So I schedule me a Mensa test on a bright Saturday morning. In Boston they hold them at MIT. The test takes a couple of hours and what I like least about it is, before you write a thing, they read you a story with alot of details. Then after you take a test on math, grammar, etc. the final test is on that first story that was read to you. Ugh.

Fast forward a couple of months and I get a letter from Mensa saying I'm in! They won't give me my test results but they say that my IQ is in the top 2% of the country. But why can't I get my results?

Of course, I show the letter to Jew Boy and finally this shuts him up, but we still haven't resolved the question. Who is smarter?

A few months go by and Gary starts up again that he's smarter than me, goading sweet little me. I remind him who's Mensa here and who isn't, and with that he whips out his MENSA membership card. He got accepted too! Damn him! He never even said he was taking the test! (maybe that was just in case he failed!!)

Well this story isn't as funny in print as it was in my head, so I'll follow up with some funny juicy tidbits.

Jew Boy really is smart and has an incredible vocabulary. Much more extensive than mine. Too bad he can't count chips for shit. :)


dbcooper said...

When is the wedding?? Just think you could have cute litle Mensa kids who play poker and like Woo Woos. HA HA HA

Josie said...

No!!! I STILL haven't given you the full picture. You see, Jew Boy's ugly and I'm super cute.

I already have a little Mensa kid, and trust me, we don't want Jew Boy procreating.

Gary said...

she's right - I'm a grotesquerie.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, you Mensa people...