Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Full Tilt can kiss my...

I decided to play a larger tournament tonight on Full Tilt. Usually my tournament of preference is the (90) person doublestack with a knock out, but tonight I played the Daily Double. I was up against 1,300 players.

Buy-in is $10+2, and you get 2,000 in starting chips. I decide to settle down and play good poker with premium hands and not to be impatient. It works out for me. I pick up blinds here and there. I got about 5 middle pairs tonight and played them like I always do. Bet 5-6 times the blind. I won 4 out of 5 times. The fifth time I had to fold after the flop, but that's okay.

I get AA and someone raises to 1,200 and someone else calls and then it's to me. I re-raise to 3,000 and they both go all in. I'm not folding aces so I hold my breath and call.

I'm up against pocket 10s and pocket jacks. Flop is QQ9. I forget what the turn and the river were but my aces hold up and I triple up.

Next hand is JJ. I raise to 6 times the blind and everyone folds.

Very next hand I have JJ AGAIN. I do my standard raise and then get re-raised, and before you know it, three of us are all in. I'm up against KK and other JJ! I have a jack of spades and a jack of diamonds. Flop is two spades. Turn is a spade and you guessed it. I caught the flush on the river.

I'm now in 2nd place! I promise myself that as soon as i'm the chip leader I'll take a picture of the screen. (see photo)

So I'm playing along and winning. Picking up blinds here and there selectively. I get pocket 6's....pretend their pocket 9's and everyone folds.

Hours are going by. 1,300 players and 180 in the money. We get down to hand for hand and I'm still the chip leader - check out how many chips I have! (see photo)

4 hrs later I get really tired. I started playing dumb hands like 9-8, A-9 and lose. Finally I'm short stacked and go all in with a sucky A-8 hoping to get the antes and blinds. I get one caller 88 and don't catch my ace and I'm out.

Out 103 and I won $19.50! Ugh. If I just stopped playing those chips would've carried me to like 40th place! I'm quite disappointed with how it ended. But for 4 hours I played every hand like Beethoven played the piano. Happy about that.

Know why I think I played so well? Because I wanted to blog about it! Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Any ideas or advice are more than welcome.

Oh and I didn't get a final shot of my 103 place win because I got so mad I slammed the lap top shut. :(

Play Smart, for God's sake.


Editor's Note: The snapshots from Full Tilt didn't end up where I wanted them to appear. And they're blurring but if you click on them you get a close up of the stats.


Gary said...

Fatigue is to you what kryptonite was to Superman. Don't play tourneys that'll end up at 3AM! Be well rested - maybe have a couple cans of Red Bull handy - or consider an addiction to cocaine, which is expensive, I'll grant you, but we live in a results-driven world.

You played really well most of the night. Fill this hole and you'll really go places.

Josie said...

I know! It was 1am not 3am, and I don't usually play tournaments that large. But honey, maybe I should!

Coming to poker tonight? Noodles is in, and so is The Mayor. Youth isn't playing.

Josie said...
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Gary said...

Hey - yes, I'll be there. What I meant about 3AM was that's when the tourney would have ended, and you'd have been there had you not lost at 1.

Steak at ma's house tonight...

dbcooper said...

Congrats on your cash!! Thats why I never play those super long ones online. I can't stand staring at a puter screen that long (boredom and fatigue) and besides I Really don't like the online game that much. I always do the 45 player. Over quick, you don't win as much but you don't invest the time either.

Josie said...

Thanks DB! I may try a (45) person myself. I was watching Biggest Loser last night (which is a 2hr tv show) so it was good to play the online tourney while I was being a couch potato anyway.