Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Between tournaments and cash games this weekend, I also managed to make the cakes you see here. Yeah, yeah, I know you guys aren't interested in baking but TOO BAD. :)

These were the fastest cakes I've ever decorated and that's why the basketball shirt kinda sucks. It was the second cake and I was running out of time. But the kid loved it. If they know Auntie Josie is making their cake they're jumping up and down even before they see it.

Anyway, just so you know, this is NOT my best work, but I'm proud of all of my creations.

At that tournament last week I had some business cards with me, and I was very tempted to write the url of my blog down and give it to a few guys at the table. We were having some great chats about poker and I thought it'd be cool.

Is that weird? Is that a good idea? I thought it might help readership.

Play smart.



evpjm said...

It will improve readership but Kill your poker results. Unless your holding back, I feel like I can sit at a table with you and pretty much know what you have. If I didn't introduce myself and played at the same table as you, I think I would have the advantage. Unless of course you don't think you will ever see these people again. I've only been reading a short time and I know how you feel about Ace/Rag, 6-6 and J-10 and other hands as well. I might have over thought this a bit but even though you don't play for monster stakes, I know you are very competitive and take you Poker seriously. Not sure if you want that disadvantage. Just my opinon.

dbcooper said...

Great cakes Josie. You have some talent there. Did you take a decorating course?? As for the blog question. I would lean towards no. Nobody I regularly play with knows about mine. I try and keep it quiet. Mine is nowhere near my real name so its pretty easy. As for yours hmm not sure how many poker playing Josie's we have out there. I remember this issue came up in other blogs like Poker Grumps. You might not be quiet as candid if lots of people knew about it then again just reading you blog for awhile somehow I know you always speak your mind..... Ha Ha

Josie said...

EVP, You're right and wrong. You know which hands I like and don't like but I change my play up throughout a tournament. And yeah, that was my hesitation - what if I play with them again and I'm giving them an advantage.

"I feel like I can sit at a table with you and pretty much know what you have." WRONG! YOU ONLY THINK THAT! I could kick your ass at poker, while baking a cake and doing my nails! LOL Seriously though, alot of my play has to do with tells, gut feelings and neveryoumind.

Other than THAT, you make a very good point. :)

Josie said...

Thanks Coop!

Trust me, not too many Josie's out there, except grandmothers (I'm named after my nana).

And yes, I'll always be candid! I like being able to talk about hands and get perspectives from people who know what the hell I'm talking about. Usually everyone wants to know "how I did" but when I get into details of a hand their eyes glaze over in boredom...no one likes details except you guys.

Josie said...


Yes! I took one cake decorating course when I was 18.....at a highschool at night....25 years later...still doing it....mostly because it helps my friends out if they don't have to purchase a cake.

evpjm said...

Sure Josie,

Sounds like a challange. I can take you..... And I'll take your cake and eat it too.:-)

I was thinking of some more creative phrases but since this is a family blog :-). I'll save it for a better platform.

BTW- I'm heading To your state this weekend. Might do my own road trip.

Josie said...

Mr. evp,

1.) You only think you can take me because you've never played against me.

2.) Who said this was a family blog? "Poker Baby, It's all about poker"

3.) What part of Massachusetts are you going to? Wanna play with some black men and lesbians and VERY JOSIE?

evpjm said...

Ms. Josie,

I'm not sure where exactly as I have to do a little business in the State but I'll get back to you on that. If I'm in the area I would play. I thought that game was during the week?

Josie said...

Mr. EVP, No they're having a tournament this saturday night. $25 buy-in plus $5 bounty, and Jew Boy MIGHT play.

Regardless, check out my latest post - I'll just kick your butt online instead (while baking a cake and doing my nails).