Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Night at Josie's House

We had 8 players at the table tonight and played 3 tourneys. Two players in the money. Game 1 - I was out first because of a semi-bluff gone bad. And it occcured during the 5th hand of the game - don't think I didn't hear about being out so early.

Cindy was playing and she plays maybe once a year. She doesn't know anything about the strategy of texas hold'em and ignorance can be a dangerous thing. I have QQ and raise 4 times the blind. She calls and the flop is A 9 2. I bet pot and she calls. I don't put her on an ace as she didn't raise preflop - then again she can have just about anything. Turn is a 7. I bet pot again - most of my chips and she calls. Another 7 on the river - I have so few chips I go all in hoping she'll lose her confidence and fold. Yes she's pot committed but I know she doesn't realize that. Well it didn't work out. She instacalls with pocket 7's. She's made quads and I'm out. Cindy goes on to catch 4 full houses and trips at least 3 or 4 times. And you know what? She was out 4th. Couldn't hold on to those damn chips.

Cindy's a riot. She's 6' 5" tall. No, I'm not exaggerating! That bitch is fucking tall. I'm 5' 1" and when she hugs me goodbye she has to squat far lower than is good for her. LOL One year for halloween she dressed up as Snow White and tried to draft me as one of her 7 dwarfs. Um, no thank you. Her exact words were, "you and six other short people will follow me in a line all night". Tempting, but I passed.

Anyway, I feel like I'm the best player at the table but I've been on a losing streak for the Wednesday night game. I think it has to do with how little the buy in is. I wait for the second game and try to play like I have alot of money on the line.

Game 2: I play really tightly and patiently. I don't even play a hand for the first 20 minutes, then I get AK. I hit it hard and everyone folds to me. Next hand is pocket 7s. I'm second to act - and my theory for middle pairs is simple. Overbet. That's what I do and pick up the blinds again. We keep playing till it's down to 4 of us and I have A10. Note: I haven't played Ace rag once, and that has been a good call. I would've lost with them every time but one. Anyway, I'm on the button and I go all in with ace ten and the big blind (Noodles is his name - well that's what we've christened him) calls me.

He turns over A six and that makes me happy. He doesn't get a six and he's out. What did he think I was going all in with? Less than Ace six, after I've been so patient all night? Noodles got his name, because he used to be a horrible player and was often asked "Did you noodle that out yourself" when he made bad call after bad call. Don't get me wrong, he still sux but he's improved - there's only one way to go when you're at the bottom and that's up.

When we're down to two players we split because everyone's waiting to play the third game. In the money! Woot!

To choose who deals first, we fan out a deck and everyone chooses a card. High card deals. More often than not, I usually win the deal. I dunno why. I wait till a card calls to me - looks a little shinier than the others and go for it. Anyway, one of the guys (my poker nemesis that I non-prejudically call Jew Boy) is unemployed and looking to make a quick buck. Jew Boy and I will bet on just about anything and we usually have some sort of side bet going. Tonight's side bet was a simple one. Whoever picked a lower card gave the other person 5 bucks. Jew boy loves a side bet, but he knows how often I pick the winner so he hesitates. Now both of us have chosen our cards, but neither have looked. I throw him a bonus and say - look at your card and then decide - I won't look at mine (this was for game one). He looks at it and and announces that he thinks he has the highest I say then take the bet. And he does. He turns over a jack and I flip my card - It's an ace!!! Woot! For Game two he requests that we double the side bet and I say sure. Why not? I flip a king while he flips a 3, I think. Game three I have an ace and he has a seven.

Side story - remember, Jew Boy and I will bet on anything - but Jew Boy does like to have an edge. Once I called a card while I was cutting the deck and damn but didn't I call it correctly! So Jew Boy said I betcha $10 you can't do it again. He shuffles and puts the deck in front of me. I cut and show him a 4 AGAIN. Two more times after that we bet - he wants some money back and TWO MORE TIMES I CUT THE CARD. I shit you not!

Anyway - Game 3 involves Noodles but I'm tired so I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, when I'm at work and being paid to sit in front of a computer.

Play Smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the Game 2 ca$h.

OES said...

jeeese louiseeeee. These games sound fun. You have to justify this raise a shit ton with small pair because i'm not buying. =(