Monday, March 15, 2010

Lesbians, and Black Men and Josie, Oh My!

Last night's game was almost cancelled because of the rain. More than a couple people had water in their basement, but that didn't stop your humble scribe! Okay, maybe not HUMBLE, but it sounds good.

It was a no-limit cash game and I sat down with $40 on the table.

Lynne - Hostess with the most-est, shitty player but very nice.

Troy - alot of fun and a really good player (looks and talks like chris rock)

Junior - big, bad mutha.....really good player with a temper

Marvin - really good and really lucky (except tonight)

Glenn - Marvin and Troy's brother - mediocre at best and I busted him, to which he responded. "I was gonna leave anyway. I can't be staying out late. I was leaving
now even if I won that hand. I work at the water treatment plant ya know". Whatever..

Gina - friend of Lynne's who can't play and drinks heavily. Me likey Gina. She pretty much knows the basic rules of poker (a flush beats a straight, that sort of thing) but has NO CLUE about Texas Holdem. She got lucky a couple of times though which drove Troy nuts. He just couldn't figure her out.

Very Josie, a/k/a Auntie, a/k/a DB - Down about $10 AGAIN dammit, but Troy busted me out earlier and all things considering, I was lucky to leave that place with my shirt

I won the first two hands - not very memorable but I beat Troy who had pocket fours. He hugged them till the river and didn't improve. Then that pretty much happened again. He lost wtih pocket fours TO ME again. He threw them down in disgust and said he'd never play them again when I'm at the table.

Although I love middle and high pairs, I am NOT a fan of the small pair. Don't win with it much and they usually wind up in the muck before the flop.

However, a few hands later I have pocket fives. I make it $2 to go, and Troy and Marvin call. Before the flop I say to Troy, I've got your pocket 4s! You're going to lose with 4s in the game after all. Troy laughs and the flop is A-4-9.

He can't believe it. Do I have trip 4s or do I not. Of course I SAY I do. I bet another 2 bucks and get two calls. As far as I concerned this hand is over. Two callers AND two over cards is not my idea of fun. Plus there are two diamonds on the flop.

Turn is a non-card, I check, Marvin checks and Troy bets $10. Marvin calls and I fold. River is a diamond. Troy goes all in. Marvin looks pissed but he calls!

Troy had 2-7 diamonds and makes a flush. Guess what Marvin had? Pocket 4s! He had trips and slow played himself to DEATH. He was out of money. I sweetly say "Why don't you borrow some money from your brother. He seems to have plenty now."

Marvin leaves early.

From there on, I'm playing and winning little pots, but whenever I'm up against Troy I lose a BIG pot. Not fun.

I have a K-9 when Troy raises (but he raises with anything)and I call and the flop is K-J-3. I bet and he calls.

Turn is a 10 - I check, he bets and I call (dumb). River is a 9 - I made my two pair but if he has a queen he has a straight. I think and decide he cannot have a queen but I know he has something. I also know that straight draw must be scaring HIM.

I STUPIDLY go all in. He thinks and says "how can I lay this down. but if you have a queen you got me". He calls my dumb all in move and flips over JJ for trips.

Troy lends me $20 and I'm back in! Very next hand is KK. Junior raises to 3 bucks preflop. I only have my $20 but I re-raise and make it $7 on top - $10 total. He's shocked. He's thinking, handling his chips and contemplating the call. I help by saying "You know what my NEXT bet is, right?" Intimating that if he calls the next bet is all in.

He says "You know what MY next bet is?" All in! He re-raises all in and I insta-call. As it's a cash game, we don't have to turn over our cards but he says "I know I have you beat, I have a pocket pair you know."

I say "I do too".

Flop is king/rag/rag. Nice! Turn is a 6 and Junior suddenly flips over his cards and says "I just wish you had more money." He has pocket 6s and has made trips.

I turn over my KK and say "Damn I wish I had more $$ too" and I double up.

BTW Junior's looking for tells, just like me. He misses nothing and I find him watching my every move and folding correctly, over and over again.

And guess what I caught myself doing TWICE? Leaning forward when I had a high pocket pair! The second time I found myself doing it I put a STOP to it.

Thank you DB! I would never have been aware of it had you not mentioned it.

Oh, and Troy wants to know if I want to play in this new kind of tournament where you play as part of a 5 man team. Each team member is on a different table "representin'" the team. If one team member wins you all win. I have to look it up. He says it's in Plaistow NH.

I'm thinkin' 'bout it.

Play Smart.



dbcooper said...

Glad I could be of help Josie, its one I had to stop myself doing too. Glad your Kings worked for you . Mine weren't so lucky last night.

Josie said...

That night I had pocket Aces FIVE times and lost with them twice.

Josie said...

DB, if you're reading this, I was having a hard time commenting on your "kings" post so I may find 3 comments that are the same (or none at all, damn thing). so please feel free to delete a couple of them.

I'd have emailed you but can't find your email address - trust me, i'm not an ax murderer or anything. :)

Josie said...

YOU may find 3 comments, not me.

dbcooper said...

Thanks Josie. I just two and I hit the publish button on both.. Oh well... gee you not an axe murderer?? Just when you had the ring of danger around you..........Ha Ha

Josie said...

The third one was pretty much the same as the first two, although not verbatim.

The only time I'm dangerous is if you're playing cards with me. I have been known to hit people at the table. Like Mr. JJ - he would've gotten a smack from me.