Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Saturday night and there's a L&BM (lesbian and black men) tournament going on tonight. I can't make it because I'm babysitting for my friend. That's the bad news. The good news is Joey is being picked up at 10:30 and there's always a cash game after the tourney.

I'm hitting the cash game! I have to continue my streak of always leaving the L&BM cash game ahead. Keep your fingers crossed! To "stack" the game in my favor, I'm going with either a low cut top or my new black see through top (with a cami underneath). How I see it, the guys there will have been playing for hours and I'll arrive fresh as a daisy!

Lynne, who runs the tourney, always provides a drink of the night and food. Tonight's drink is Woo Woo shots! My favorite! It's vodka, peach schnapps and a slash of cranberry. I'm going to try to limit my woo woo's to 2. We'll see how that goes!

Last night I played online on Full Tilt. I played an $8 (2) table and won a $26 token. I used that to play a (9) person one table and won a $75 token. I used the token to play a double stacked knockout tourney, which is my fave kind of tourney. I think of the bounty as like a side bet, and you know how I love me a side bet! Anyway I lasted less than an hour in the $75 tourney. I think I was too tired from all those satellites. I can only stay focused for so long and then I do something stupid, like try to bluff.

Play Smart.



dbcooper said...

Good luck tonite!!! Be interested to see how you do.

Memphis MOJO said...

Let us know if you do any good.