Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pick me a winner!

I was planning on playing some online poker last night, winning a ton of money, and blogging/bragging about it this morning.

Instead I went to bed at 9:00pm. Man was I tired! The new Pawn Stars was on last night at 10pm and I couldn't stay awake for it. There's something about that guy Rick, that I like.

Anyway, since I didn't play last night my subject content is up in the air. I can tell you about:

A. Another previous tourney where I went from chip leader to OUT in two hands.

B. Poker Tells

C. Couple of funny stories about Jew Boy

D. My online heartbreak on Full tilt this past weekend.

Take your pick! First one who responds with their choice gets to decide what today's subjet matter is.

Jew Boy, you're exempt. You don't get to pick!


dbcooper said...

Funny stories about Jew boy

Josie said...

Did Jew Boy pay you to pick that one? Okay, you're on!