Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm here in work, clock watching. Boss has left the building and in twenty-six minutes (but who's counting) I will be doing the same. I figured I'd tell you a funny little story about another game I play in. I call it the L&BM game because all the players are lesbians or black men.

Everytime I play there I feel like a pork chop must feel if it found itself in a concentration camp. Let's just say I've got some "junk in the trunk" and both the lesbians and black men just can't get enough. And for the most part they have class and don't try anything stupid.....except for one guy.

So about a month ago we're all playing a cash's getting late and I'm the only one winning. I am KICKING ASS - one of those nights when you get the cards and you don't get sucked out on. I have alot of chips stacked in front of me.

Out of the blue one guy says "See this money in front of me (he has maybe $30) I'll give it all to you if you let me have a look at a nipple.


I say I'm getting you're money anyway, why would I do that?

Everyone's dying laughing and he won't let up - over and over - wants to see a nipple. My answer is NO. Then he turns to the guy next to him "Troy you gotta do me a much money do you have left? Let me borrow it?" So between him and Troy he's come up with about $70 and again he says "$70 to see one nipple".

Now lemme tell you - I may be alot of things - but stripper isn't one of them.....even still - $70 to see a nipple? No touching? I ACTUALLY considered it for about 2 seconds and thought NO. This guy is creepy and the last thing I want to do is let him think this is okay. So no is my final answer.

One hand later I get AA and raise BIG. He calls just because he likes to play with me. I bet big on the flop and he's the only other opponent at this point and he calls. I put him all in on the turn. He loses and I have ALL his money....without a nip exposed. LOL

Why do men think with the wrong head? Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. Ever since that night I always wear a low cut top when I play there and have never left that cash game in the negative.


Memphis MOJO said...

Heheh, cute story.

Josie said...
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dbcooper said...

See you distract the men and take their money. The low cut top works all the time. As you know us guys can't multitask and if he is busy looking at your top his mind certainly isn't on playing good poker. Congrats on scooping his money and great story

Josie said...

Thanks. Same cash game is on this weekend. I hope I didn't jinx myself saying I never come out of it negative!