Friday, March 19, 2010

Saugus Sportsman's Club

There are precious few places to play a real Texas Hold'em game near me. As you know I go to Seabrook NH every couple of months. I don't LOVE the place but it's available. The same guys are there whenever I go. These guys are there 4 days a week, every week, part of a degenerate club that I do not belong to, nor do I wish to.

Another venue is the Saugus Sportsman's Club. Love the proximity! Less than 10 minutes from my house. They hold one tournament per month, and it's tomorrow!

It's a very lucrative game. These men are mostly retired and just hang out here all the time anyway. Oh and they really don't know the strategy behind Texas Holdem. I've played with them for a couple of years, and they HAVE gotten a littler better.

They're a little more discriminating about starting hands - actually much better than years ago, but it' still an easy game. Except for the luck factor. You have to go in every hand assuming you'll get called, so if you go in with the best hand, you'll win more than you lose.

I was once down to ONE CHIP and came back to win second place. Of course I've also lost there with pocket aces, when I got called PREFLOP by a guy who had 10-2 off suit (that's one that'll be hard to forget). So you just never know.

The guys are fun and they get a kick out of playing with me. (I get that alot) When I walk in the door they all start acting afraid and worry which table I'll be sitting at, but I think these guys get their money's worth.

We always have fun at the table and the drinks are super cheap. So's the game for that matter - very little money comes off the top for the house. They take a hundred or two, but buy pizza for everyone for lunch. If they're lucky there's $50 for the house.

The downside is all these old geezers smoke INSIDE. And this place has no ventilation. Hell, half of them smoke cigars. So it's a very smokey venue and I usually end up with a cold afterwards. I didn't even notice the correlation until my mother mentioned it.

I usually visit her on Sundays and I called her one Sunday morning, hacking away, telling her of my win on the previous day. She said you're always sick after you play there. Duh! I hadn't noticed THAT pattern.

The place is pretty cool. Big bar, big flat screen tv, pool table, ping pong table, a "curling table" (db a/k/a mr. canada, ever heard of one of those?) pictures of dead animals (ugh). Hanging above the door is a deer head, and hanging on his antlers are about 20 crusty g-strings. Souvenirs from 20 crusty strippers. Ewwwww.

The buy-in is $50 and baby I'll be there, treading carefully against guys who really don't know any better. I lost last time I played so I'm due.

My plan is to make an adjustment to play at the beginning of the tourney. You know, I'm usually Tight Aggressive. I think I'll start tomorrow AGGRESSIVE AGGRESSIVE. The plan is to play alot of hands in the beginning.

At least that's the plan RIGHT NOW.

It's a woman's perogative to change her mind.

Play Smart.



dbcooper said...

Ha Ha Love the term curling table. yep its shuffleboard......That venue sounds great except for the smoking. Take their money Josie!!!

Josie said...

Table shuffleboard? But the thingy's aren't flat discs more curling rocks, or whatever they're called.

I'll take a picture of it!

Josie said...

Smoking's a killer....literally. Since I started playing there one guy (Fred) has passed away. RIP.

And Fred's son, well we call him Cancer Al and he still smokes! Still plays poker too, even with chemo, drains ugh. :( very very sad.

He's turned the corner and getting better though.

evpjm said...

Hey Josie,

Well No Such places here NY but there are alot of games going on. I wouldn't say Friendly games but there's action if you want it. 50 or 75 buy in's with no re-buys. There's enough tables that 1st place usually pays around 1000.00. Casino's AC is 3 1/2 hours or Foxwoods about the same. I have some relatives in PA where casino's are opening left and right. In Wilkes-Barre Mohegan Sun operates a place that also has horse racing. Holdem is due there this Summer. That will be good considering I'm there alot visiting relatives anyway.

dbcooper said...

Yep it is called Shuffleboard with the mini curling rocks. You see the game in a lot of pubs and bars up here. Yea take a pic, I am sure its the same thing. I sure know about the smoking thing. My dad smoked for years and even though he had several heart attacks never stopped until the last attack killed him. Reason I don't smoke.

Josie said...

Hey Ev,

That NY tourney sounds good. Cheap buy in and a decent payoff. My sister visits friends in NY. I may have to join her!

I heard about another poker room in plaistow nh - that may be my next place to try out.

Gary said...

I'll let Josie tell you the whole story but let me just say this: Josie and Jew Boy will figure prominently in her next post!

Great playing, Jo!