Friday, March 5, 2010

Quickie about Pocket 6's

To further illustrate playing pairs, this past Wednesday my sister (an okay player) was to my right...both she and I were short stacked and I was looking down at pocket 6's. She went all in and then it was to me. I thought for a minute about my pocket 6's. I showed Jew Boy my cards as he was already out of this tourney.......thought about it and and came to the conclusion that most likely she had two over cards and it was a coin toss. Why would I want to bet the whole tourney on a coin toss? I folded my 6's (which I consider a small pair). Jew Boy said and I quote "You're tighter than a chicken's ass" or something poetic like that.

She wouldn't show me her cards and I did have a gut feeling that she was just stealing but even still, I'd like to fucking hope at least one of her cards was higher than a 6!


Gary said...

1. The expression was "tighter than a bull's ass in fly season." Alternately I've used "tighter than a gnat's ass stretched across a rain barrel."

2. I don't wish to be unnecessarily argumentative, but you're not taking many factors into account with this little tale, such as stack size, both absolute and relative to the blinds, C's range of hands to go all in, etc. No, 6's are not always a good hand with which to go all in, but to position it as toxic to success is an oversimplification.

Josie said...

Wrong Jew Boy - you get too caught up in that shit. Bottom line I was too shortstacked to do anything but fold or go all in too. And I don't want to go all in on a 50/50 when none of my money is in the pot. I know we play differently but it is what it is.

dbcooper said...

You played it exactly as I would Josie. Why risk your tourney on probably at best a coin flip?

Josie said...

EXACTLY DB and thank you. BTW I really enjoy your blog.