Thursday, January 27, 2011

Which do you want first?

The good news or the bad news?

Let's start with the bad news.  I was out of WCOOP PLO8 Event #3 in approximately 6 minutes. First hand I played I hit a boat with no low on the board. 2 others jammed all in and I called.  One had a bigger boat and I was out.

And then I remembered The Mookie.  I logged onto Full Tilt and I was in time for late registration.  Fun game...19 peeps.  I had Lightning, Wolfie, Joanne, Buddy and Miami Don at my table to name a few.

Miami Don...................

He seems to think that I get better cards than him!  He said that if he got my cards, he could win a WSP bracelet!  Just cuz i got AA and KK and QQ a few times. 

I was playing with my ninja-like poker skills and knocked Miami Don out. :)

And Gary out. :)

Shelly was the bubble.  I don't remember if it was me that took her out, but I hope not!  Didn't realize who she was until afterwards.  Darn it!

Down to 3.  I double up off of Fred (twoblackaces) when I raise with KQ and he jams all in.  Hmmmm it's now or never...double up or go home.  I call.  Check out the flop below.

Flopped the straight and doubled up.

Shortly after I raise with 10,10 and Fred jams all in.  This was like his 4th all in in the past 5 min.  I call!  I was up against A3 sooted and wound up with quad 10s.  See below.

Damn, but I've been running good!  Gotta make hay while the sun is shining!  It's me against Numbono but I have the chip lead.  A few hands into heads up I have KQ again!  I raise again!  Villian jams all in AGAIN!

Hmmm..KQ is not a bad hand heads up and I've been running good.......I call!

I'm up against A4 sooted.  Now I don't know about you, but I'd rather have KQ than A4 any day of the week.  2 strong cards vs playing with one card. guys know how I hate ace rag, but I digress....

I flop a queen....see below...


And I won The Mookie!!!  Easy peasy when u run goot.

Now Miami Don happened to mention that he's won The Mookie 7 times!  This got me many times have I won it?  I really don't know!  I remember winning once a few years ago, back when I used to play and keep my mouth shut...and that was when it was a big MTT.  A couple times last year....Hmmm

So I was out quickly in the free roll and winner in the mookie.  Yin and yang. Poker is like a a rose, it has blossoms but also thorns.  Lots and lots of thorns.  Bad beats, bad decisions....all prickly thorns to be avoided at all costs.  Cuz baby, thorns hurt.  You don't have to like the thorns, but learn to avoid them or at least live with them.  They're part of the game, like thorns are part of a rose.

Play smart so you don't get pricked.



lightning36 said...

"back when I used to play and keep my mouth shut..."

Muhahahahahahahaha -- You're killing me!

KenP said...

It appears you draw out more than a wire company.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Cardrack. Or is it Luckbox?

I jest.

Well done.

Josie said...

Donnie Baby, you just got a peek at the wonder that is Josie. :P

I'm gonna start counting Mookies now....conservatively I think I've won 4...yet I still don't think we're comparing apples to apples. Winning a 50 peep or 70 peep mookie from years past counts the same as a 12 peep one, or a 19 peep one? I don't think so.

Drizztdj said...

I should have warned you about the dangers of the underboat in Omaha.

It is NOT nitty to fold a boat in Omaha.

Josie said...

Yeah I knew there was a potential for a "yacht" but was hoping I was up against flushes....there was a flush draw. I dunno - Knew it was a risk but didn't fold regardless.


Realling liking the PLO now though....just not the 8.

Memphis MOJO said...

The other guy had a boat, you had a canoe (as Grange likes to say). For the other, a Mookie win is a Mookiew win, nice job.

Josie said...

@Mojo - Yeah, I had a leaky canoe....and Wednesday is The Very bout we meet up and I knock you out of the tourney?

Just for fun!

NumbBono said...

"Now I don't know about you, but I'd rather have KQ than A4 any day of the week..."

Don't play much headsup, do you?

Shelly said...

GG Josie!! Yup, I'm phlyersphan... an outdated moniker since I went back to rooting for my home town Blackhawks a few years ago.